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PODCASTS! We love them and so do you! Since the dawn of time, people connected with good stories. The Podcast Whisper brings this lost art to life as he features amazing shows with podcasters from all over the world. Your host David Alan has been podcasting since 2009. He brings years of experience in the broadcast industry and he’s here to help podcasters fine-tune their shows. Each week he will select a podcast to review while giving advice that will launch you forward.


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episode 10: Take My Tone

This week I Review “Take My Tone” A podcast where 2 people swap songs to find out if opposites attract or react. New guest and new tunes every week! Twitter @ThePodWhisperer Webs: Reviewmypod.com


 2019-04-12  11m

episode 9: Review For Two

This week I review “Review For Two” We’re Caroline and Marko and we’re dating! We review video games that are fun to play with someone on the couch next to you. Come listen to us talk about our favorites (and not so favorites). Twitter @ThePodWhisperer Webs: Reviewmypod.com


 2019-04-05  9m

episode 14: April Sneak Peek

This episode I give you a Sneak Peek into this months podcasts that I review! April 5 - Review For Two April 12 - Take My Tone April 19 - The Success Journey Show April 26 - I Used To Watch This? PodcastWhisperer Twitter - @ThePodWhisperer


 2019-04-04  4m

episode 8: That Anger Management Crap

Welcome to the #PodcastWhisperer in this weeks episode I review “That Anger Management Crap” I have tried several anger management approaches in the past and I am not a fan. With that, I started this podcast to bring a helpful approach to anger management. I offer advice based on my own struggles with anger. These are things I have learned while teaching anger management classes for the last ten years. Want your show to be reviewd and featured? Submit it at Reviewmypod.com


 2019-03-29  8m

episode 14: iTunes Top 100

Listen as I celebrate a win for Podcast Whisperer! I am in iTunes topp 100 & iTunes New & Noteworthy! Twitter @ThePodWhisperer Webs: Reviewmypod.com


 2019-03-28  12m

episode 13: Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for joining me on this spiecail episode. This Episode I cover the frequently asked questions of Podcast Whisperer Like: What does the legal disclaimer mean? What Quilifies you do this? And many more. Twitter @ThePodWhisperer Webs: Reviewmypod.com


 2019-03-27  14m

episode 7: Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast

Welcome to the #PodcastWhisperer in this weeks episode I review “Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast” On this podcast, I review the reviews of this podcast. Submit your podcast for review at Reviewmypod.com


 2019-03-22  9m

episode 6: Retail Rehab Podcast

Welcome to the #PodcastWhisperer in this weeks episode I review “Retail Rehab Podcast” We hear you retail workers, this is a podcast for you! We have worked in the retail industry for several years and have had many different experiences along the way. Join us as we share the best and worst moments in retail through our stories, banter and a bit of the ol’ razzle dazzle! Submit your show for review at Reviewmypod.com


 2019-03-15  11m

episode 5: Porno Plots Podcast

Welcome to the #PodcastWhisperer in this weeks episode I review “Porno Plots Podcast” Join Jack Five Acres, Patches Brandt, Snickers Oneida, and Ginger Clover Meadow once a month as they discuss the plots of porno movies that you’ve only seen (ahem) certain scenes of...


 2019-03-08  12m

episode 4: Interview: Laura Beth

Are you confused about Podcasting? What is it anyways? How do you even get started? This weeks episode of the Podcast Whisperer I invited on Podcast Expert who wrote many articles about those very questions including “Rockstar’s Guide to Becoming a Podcast Influencer” “50 Podcast Ideas You Should Try” and my favorite “Podcast Interview Questions You Should Be Asking” Please welcome from Podcast...


 2019-03-08  32m