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Danny Brown is a podcaster, creator, author, and more. He's been podcasting for 10+ years, since the early days of BlogTalkRadio, and has been either host or co-host of multiple shows over the years. He's currently the host of the popular One Minute Podcast Tips, helping you be a better podcaster in just a minute a week, as well as the YouTube show Be a Better Podcaster. Get the latest episodes for every podcast here, and be sure to follow on your favourite podcast app, or visit each podcast's website to listen for free online!

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episode 5: Jeff Esposito of Kaspersky Security

In this week’s show, I sit down with Jeff Esposito of the Kaspersky Security podcast to talk about the changing face of security, and some of the things you can do to protect yourself. Settle back for an informative show about security, what privacy online really looks like, and why you should never assume businesses have your best interests at heart.


 May 21, 2020  22m

episode 6: Bob Dunn of Do the Woo Podcast

In this week’s show, I sit down with Bob Dunn of Do the Woo podcast to talk about pivoting your brand, where WooCommerce is headed, how he and his wife beat IKEA's marketing department, and more.


 May 28, 2020  27m

episode 7: Lisa Gerber of The Gear Show

In episode seven of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Lisa Gerber, owner of Big Leap Creative and host of The Gear Show. After making her name as a communications pro and marketer, Lisa decided she wanted to attract more clients in the space - outdoor lifestyle - she was interested most in, and The Gear Show was born.


 June 4, 2020  24m

episode 8: Zach Moreno and Rockwell Felder of SquadCast

After looking to use a remote recording solution for their internal team meetings, both Zach and Rock were disillusioned at what was on the market. They knew audio and reliability could be better, and so SquadCast was born. They believed remote recording should - and, more importantly, could - be just as good as offline audio recording. We sit down to discuss the evolution of SquadCast, and how the podcaster experience is at the forefront of everything they do.


 June 10, 2020  30m

episode 9: Pete Cann of the Laughter & Positivity with Pete Podcast

In episode nine of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Pete Cann of the Laughter & Positivity with Pete podcast. After building an agency for chefs for 11 years, the Covid-19 pandemic put Pete's business on hold, and he had to furlough his team. However, this allowed him to focus on a podcast idea he'd been thinking about for a while. Settle back for a fun and interesting chat on why laughter truly is good for the soul.


 June 18, 2020  27m

episode 10: Dr. Alice Kerby of Beyond the Pink Cloud

In episode 10 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Dr. Alice Kerby of the Beyond the Pink Cloud podcast. Settle back for an open and honest discussion about addiction, recovery, and what that means to the people afflicted, and those surrounding them.


 June 25, 2020  27m

episode 11: Lefteris Statharas of Lefteris Asks Science

Driven by both his passion for science, and his professional work as a mechanical engineer, Lefteris started his podcast as a way to bring scientists together to demystify their professions, and show how fun science can be. With a natural curiosity and an easy-going manner, Lefteris has a simple goal – to see what drives people with passion, and to get more people interested in, and passionate about, science.


 July 10, 2020  33m

episode 12: Mark Taylor of Education on Fire

In episode 12 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Mark Taylor, host and creator of the Education on Fire podcast, a show for teachers, parents, and mentors to help them support children.


 July 18, 2020  34m

episode 13: Susan Diaz and Will Lamont of The 4AM Report

In episode 13 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Susan Diaz and Will Lamont, business partners at c+p digital, and co-hosts of The 4AM Report. The show combines marketing discussions, societal issues, wacky lessons from marketing mishaps, and more. Having just celebrated the one year anniversary of the show, Susan and Will dropped in to talk about the experience so far.


 July 23, 2020  30m

episode 14: Eric Barnhart of the Mindful Moment Podcast

In episode 14 of Podcaster Stories, I sit down with Eric Barnhart, host and founder of Urban Contemplatives and the Mindful Moment podcast. With a tagline of “creating mindful moments for active lives”, each 15-minute episode features conversations with artists, musicians, writers, scientists, philosophers and others, exploring contemplative practices through an ecumenical Christian lens.


 July 30, 2020  50m