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Danny Brown is a podcaster, creator, author, and more. He's been podcasting for 10+ years, since the early days of BlogTalkRadio, and has been either host or co-host of multiple shows over the years. He's currently the host of the popular One Minute Podcast Tips, helping you be a better podcaster in just a minute a week, as well as the YouTube show Be a Better Podcaster. Get the latest episodes for every podcast here, and be sure to follow on your favourite podcast app, or visit each podcast's website to listen for free online!


episode 38: Becca Atkinson on Why Alcoholic Shouldn’t Be a Bad Word

This week, I sit down with Becca Atkinson, host of The Unashamed Alcoholic, where she talks with sober people using their platforms to speak openly about their journey with addiction.

This includes sports stars, media celebrities, and more, and who inspired Becca to openly talk about her own journey as a recovering alcoholic.

The Freeing Power of Openness

Becca shares how she didn't do anything by halves when it came to opening up about her journey as an alcoholic...


 February 10, 2022  27m

episode 39: Tony Doe on The Responsibility of Trust in Life & Podcasting

This week, I sit down with Tony Doe, host of The Tony Doe Podcast, an audio series about people from different backgrounds who share their radio stories, and how they feel about the medium's present and future.


 February 17, 2022  28m

episode 40: Matt Medeiros on Building a Legacy Through Podcasting

The journey of Matt Medeiros from "computer guy" to podcaster is an interesting and varied one, and in this week's episode Matt talks about that, as well as the legacy he's looking to build.


 February 24, 2022  36m