So far on podcastnik.com we've talked about specific historical topics. With the launch of the Podcastnik YouTube Channel, where we also talk to other podcasters and kinda do whatever we feel like, we also start a new podcast! Some episodes may be familiar as we retire some older feeds and put the episodes here. Hopefully this just makes it easier to keep track of what we're doing. To see the YouTube channel we keep mentioning, it's here: Podcastnik Channel . Visit http://podcastnik.com for all 450+ episodes by the podcastnik team. Visit http://podcastnikshop.com to support the team


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History of Antisemitism in Germany

It's important to remember the Holocaust and how such a thing was even possible. Originally aired on the History of Germany Podcast. For all content visit http://podcastnik.com YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoGtTPofdH5m71...


 2018-06-24  46m

Our Syrian Refugee Translator

Even though Imad lives in Egypt now, he is himself a Syrian refugee. He still has a way to go to safety and a stable life partially also because his own beliefs on religion and sexual preference mean his dangers are not over. Podcasting has put some am...


 2018-06-19  52m

Pete Collman (Past Access, Bohemican Podcast)

Pete Collman and Travis Dow started podcasting together. Pete's newest planned venture is Past Access, about accessible traveling, and what it's like traveling in a wheelchair, and some of the adventures Pete's had in his life, and ones ...


 2018-06-07  2h49m

Uncle Junior's Stories

Travis published a whole 120 episodes of a German show about US culture and history called "Americana für Euch". This is the only English episode, and also an introduction to the show. A few of Travis' favorite episodes will be translate...


 2018-06-06  1h5m

The History of Zanzibar

One of the most fascinating and beautiful places I have personally been is Zanzibar. For all content visit http://podcastnik.com YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoGtTPofdH5m71SXlGKa2Q Visit http://podcastnikshop.com to support ...


 2018-06-05  49m

Anthropodermic Bibliopegy: the Secret Cabinet's History of Human-Skin-Bound Books

One of my favorite podcasts in the whole world is der Buddler's das Geheime Kabinett. I love it so much I translate it to English. Here one of my favorite episodes as an introduction. For all content visit http://podcastnik.com YouTube channel...


 2018-06-04  28m

Overview of the History of Germany Podcast

Now that there are over 50 episodes of the History of Germany podcast, we got a co-host, Judith Strußenberg, and added Arabic as a third language to German and English. Let's look at the topic selection and some of the thoughts behind the show. ...


 2018-06-03  28m

Introduction to Alchemy

We've published dozens of episodes on the history of Alchemy on podcastnik.com . Now it's time to condense what we've learned into a short video. This is just the audio, so check out the Podcastnik YouTube channel too. For all content ...


 2018-06-02  22m

Travis Goes to Transnistria

This is the true story of Travis almost getting abducted by Russian separatists. Visit the youtube channel to watch Travis tell it in a suit while knitting. The video has maps and photos from the event, which can be helpful for background info. Otherwi...


 2018-06-01  43m

Welcome to Podcastnik

This episode introduces the audio podcast "Podcastnik" by Travis Dow. This audio feed is a mix of new content and the best of Podcastnik history podcasts. For all content visit http://podcastnik.com YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.co...


 2018-05-31  6m