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Kaijucast is a Godzilla-related podcast where giant Japanese monsters (aka Kaiju) take center stage. Aside from the standard podcast banter, host and hardcore Godzilla-fan Kyle Yount shares his favorite music and audio clips from the films, reports news and interviews special guests in this bi-monthly podcast. To reduce server load, the feed has been reduced to the 20 most recent episodes, but all are available for download at Kaijucast.com


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04.17.2019: Rectifying Reptilicus with Jim Cirronella

Gretchen, Rachel, Martin and Kyle get schooled by Reptilicus enthusiast Jim Cirronella! If you’re looking at this episode title and thinking to yourself “wait a minute… didn’t they already talk about this flick??” the a[...]



03.31.2019: Ultra Q vs the Kaijucast vs Monster Kid Radio

For the next 120 minutes, your ears will leave your body… The vast forces of Nature, apparently, exist in harmony and balance. Then, one day, this order of things suddenly becomes turmoil! Strange, gigantic creatures rise thru the Earth’s crus[...]



03.08.2019: Mondo Artist Tom Whalen

Mega kaiju fan & Mondo Artist Tom Whalen joins Kyle for a special interview and announcement! It’s with much fanfare that we bring you a very special chat with fellow kaiju fan and Mondo artist, Tom Whalen. Tom is an artist the Kyle has be[...]


 2019-03-09  51m

02.28.2019: Godzilla The Planet Eater Daikaiju Discussion

Gretchen & Kyle tackle the final entry in the Godzilla anime trilogy: Godzilla The Planet Eater (2018) Congratulations, everyone – we did it! We made it through the anime trilogy. And man, was that tough. Gretchen came over to chat with me[...]


 2019-03-01  1h1m

02.26.2018: Japan Wrap up with David Dopko

David and Kyle recap the rest of their trip to the land of the Rising Sun earlier this month. Another episode to wrap up our adventures in Japan. In our last episode, we talked about our Hokkaido and the first half of our time in Kyoto. For this epi[...]


 2019-02-27  1h49m

02.14.2019: Kaiju fans in Japan with David Dopko

Kyle and special guest (and travel-mate) David Dopko recap the first half of their trip to Japan in this recorded-on-the-road episode! Hey everyone, I wanted to make sure to get an episode recorded, despite having a blast in Japan right now. You see[...]


 2019-02-14  0m

01.13.2018 Emergency Broadcast 8 with Kevin Derendorf, Ed Holland & Matt Frank

Rachel, Kyle, Gretchen, Martin, Sean and Dave gathered at the Kaijucast HQ to kick off our 10th Anniversary and 8th LIVE Emergency Broadcast with special guests, prize giveaways and more! It’s hard to believe, but this past weekend marked the [...]


 2019-01-14  3h14m

01.06.2019: DNA of Tokusatsu Exhibit Recap & News Catchup

Gretchen and Kyle discuss the DNA of Tokusatsu Exhibit happening now in Tokyo, and follow that discussion up with a long overdue amount of news coverage. We here at the Kaijucast all hope you had a nice holiday break and a happy new year celebration[...]


 2019-01-07  1h58m

12.15.2018: Godzilla Designer Shinji Nishikawa

Shinji Nishikawa sits down with Kyle for a chat about his illustrious career in kaiju design. Just because I’m in Japan doesn’t mean I can’t post an all-new, super cool interview with one of the most prolific Godzilla artists in th[...]


 2018-12-15  1h3m

11.30.2018: Godzilla vs. Megalon Daikaiju Re-Discussion

Clancy and Kyle break down (or perhaps are broken down by?) Godzilla vs Megalon (1973) We are back in the 1970s, man! And we’re taking another look at another film that might not have gotten a fair shake the last time around, we’re talki[...]


 2018-12-01  1h16m