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Kaijucast is a Godzilla-related podcast where giant Japanese monsters (aka Kaiju) take center stage. Aside from the standard podcast banter, host and hardcore Godzilla-fan Kyle Yount shares his favorite music and audio clips from the films, reports news and interviews special guests in this bi-monthly podcast. To reduce server load, the feed has been reduced to the 20 most recent episodes, but all are available for download at Kaijucast.com


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09.29.2019: Keith Aiken Interview

Keith Aiken and Kyle finally have an opportunity to sit down and chat about all of the awesome stuff Keith has been involved in. In the history of me of saying “this interview has been a long time coming”, this one might take the cake. I[...]



09.19.2019: Monarch Science Declassified Panel from Rose City Comic Con 2019

Jeff, Kyle, Gretchen and Rachel after our presentation at Rose City Comic Con 2019! Once again, the Kaijucast stomps through Portland’s own pop culture extravaganza, Rose City Comic Con!  This episode serves up the audio from our presenta[...]



09.05.2019: TJ Storm, Godzilla Motion Capture Actor

Motion Capture performer TJ Storm chats with Kyle about his experience in bringing the King of the Monsters to life! Over the past 65 years, Godzilla has been played by all sorts of awesome people: Haruo Nakajima, Kenpachiro Satsuma, Tsutomu “[...]


 2019-09-05  45m

08.26.2019: Godzilla King of the Monsters Director Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty, director of Godzilla King of the Monsters, joins Kyle in this episode of the Kaijucast. [Photo credit: Robert Moreno]In this episode I sit down to speak with the director of Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019), Michael Dougherty,[...]


 2019-08-27  59m

08.19.2019: Kaiju-sized News Roundup

Kyle and Gretchen cover the latest kaiju news in episode 270 of the Kaijucast! We cannot ignore the importance of this episode’s news – and if you haven’t heard about it, get in here and listen! Just a heads up, this episode is rea[...]


 2019-08-19  1h7m

08.13.2019: Kaiju Modeler & Sculptor Takuji Yamada from G-Fest 26

Kyle interviews diorama expert Takuji Yamada with Stan Hyde from G-Fest 26! We did it, guys! This is the last podcast recording I brought back with me from G-Fest 26 last month, and I’m thrilled to share this interview with master sculptor and[...]


 2019-08-14  44m

08.07.2019: Godzilla Fest in San Francisco with Bob Johnson

Bay Area Film Events’ Bob Johnson joins Kyle to chat about Godzilla Fest later this month! Hey guys, its a mini-episode about a cool event happening down in San Francisco later this month, it’s Godzilla Fest! I’m joined by SciFi Ja[...]


 2019-08-07  35m

07.31.2019: Shusuke Kaneko Panel from G-Fest 26

Heisei Gamera and GMK director, Shusuke Kaneko shares the development process behind his kaiju films. Looks like it’s time to add a THIRD panel recording from G-Fest 26 – this time with the director of the Heisei Gamera trilogy (1995 [...]


 2019-08-01  52m

07.29.2019: Akira Takarada Panel from G-Fest 26

Veteran actor Akira Takarada entertains the crowds from G-Fest 26, right here in episode 266. We are back with another panel from G-Fest 26 with the always amazing Akira Takarada! You know this actor of course, in addition to being on the podcast ba[...]


 2019-07-30  55m

07.24.2019: Kaijucast 10th Anniversary Podcast from G-Fest 26

Listen to all of this awesomeness with Kyle, Hiro (our interpreter), Sonoe Nakajima, Daisuke Sato and Gretchen in this special live episode from G-Fest! This episode was recorded LIVE at G-Fest earlier this month and it’s the 10th Anniversary [...]


 2019-07-24  1h21m