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episode 91: "Keep Calm and Carry On". BBC R&D launch 'Adaptive Podcasting' and Alby launch a new SAT's dashboard.

Guest Interviews

  • Ian Forrester - BBC R&D - Adaptive Podcasting
  • Rene Aaron - Alby - New Dashboard

Show Notes

  • The BBC Global News Podcast's presenter Jackie Leonard, and producer Karen Martin, spoke at Radiodays Asia in Malaysia. The show, which is also recording a special edition at the event, is one of the top-rated shows in many Asian countries, with 33m downloads a month...


 2022-09-09  1h1m

episode 90: You're everywhere or you're no where baby!? Podcasts are coming to YouTube and Twitter should you be on them? Spotify now have ads, transcriptions and maybe comments soon?


 James Cridland and Sam Sethi return for this week's show


  • Adam Curry, the “podfather”, spoke with Dave Jones at Podcast Movement 2022, explaining the history of open podcasting, the Podcast Index and the features available with the new podcast namespace

  • Edison Research and Sounds Profitable issued reports at Podcast Movement, Dallas
  • The Podcast Broker, a new service for buying and...


 2022-09-01  55m

episode 89: Live from Dallas: open podcasting, what to do with Spotify, and where the medium is going


We're sponsored by Buzzsprout and SquadCast.

James Cridland joined Todd Cochrane from Blubrry, Rob Greenlee from Libsyn, Tangia Estrada from BIPOC Podcast Creators, and Heather Osgood from The Podcast Broker and True Native Media.
This week, the show is from the New Media Show, live on stage at Podcast Movement. This version has been lightly edited from the original. You can find the New Media Show in your favourite podcast app...


 2022-08-26  1h12m

episode 88: Podverse mobile supports Alby. Libsyn expands to Europe and Canada. Spotify filters music from podcasts. Podnews launches podcastnamespace.org. Oprah protects her trademark and ASA fines Steven Bartlett.


This week's stories discussed by James Cridland and Sam Sethi

  • The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against Huel and The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett.

  • We asked Paul Chantler, one of the UK’s media law experts,  how should you keep your host-read podcast ad legal? 

  • Oprah Winfrey’s company has filed a lawsuit against fan podcast Oprahdemics from Radiotopia...


 2022-08-18  1h1m

episode 87: Podcast neighbourhoods, paying to be a guest, and podcast:verify. Evo Terra sits in for Sam Sethi.


Evo Terra joins James Cridland this week, while Sam drinks wine in Europe somewhere. Evo's podcast is at podcast pontifications and he runs simpler.media

Special Guest: Dan Misener co-founder of Bumper

  • Podcast guests are paying up to $50,000 to appear on popular shows, and the podcasts don’t disclose it, according to a piece from Ashley Carman in Bloomberg...


 2022-08-11  1h2m

episode 86: Who should pay to play? Should guests pay hosts or should listeners pay hosts? #value4value #transparency #trust. Is Thread.land the best place to leave your comments?

Guest Interviews

  • John Spurlock - Thread.land  
  • Matt Maderios - Castos
Show Notes

  • Acast has released the company’s Q2/22 financial report.
    The Swedish company now hosts 66,000 podcasts (a record growth last quarter); the number of listens in the quarter increased 41% year-on-year...


 2022-08-05  1h15m

episode 85: Good Morning Podcasters! Alby Wallet API delivers Value 4 Value. Hosts RSS.com and Castos deliver integrated wallets. Podchaser API delivers transcripts. Podcast Index delivers descriptions and Spotify delivers Q2 financial results.

Guest Interview

  • Alberto Betella - CTO RSS.com

Show Notes

  • Podcast host RSS.com is to announce integration with Alby this week: enabling value 4 value for thousands of podcasts. You’ll be able to activate and link your Alby account with your podcast in RSS.com’s dashboard...


 2022-07-29  1h15m

episode 84: Acast buys Podchaser: we talk to both CEOs (and ask about spam); plus, Alby, the simple cryptowallet for podcasters

Special Guests

  • Moritz Kaminski - Alby
  • Ross Adams -  Acast
  • Bradley Davis - Podchaser

Show Notes

  • Acast is to acquire Podchaser, the “world’s most comprehensive and authoritative podcast database” in a deal worth $34m. Podchaser, which is expected to make a profit next year, will continue to operate as a separate brand: it contains data of more than 4.5m million podcasts, including advertising information...


 2022-07-21  1h14m

episode 83: Hint: It's Really Simple to extend Standards

Special Guests:

  • Mitch Downey - Podverse
  • Mike Mignano - Angel Investor and ex-Spotify

Show Notes:

  • Michael Mignano, has written a piece about what he calls The Standards Innovation Paradox.

  • In response, James Cridland wrote a long article that basically points out that Apple took the RSS standard and enhanced it. The thing that Mike Mignano says is impossible...


 2022-07-14  1h15m

episode 82: Podverse supports LIT and Video. Fountain rewards users for listening to podcasts. Alby, a browser extension for cryptocurrency, adds its own podcaster wallet.


Special Guests

  • Harry Duran -  Full Cast
  • Oscar Merry - Fountain App

Show Notes

  • Podverse adds support for LIT and Video Support. 
  • Podcast Host Ranking from John Spurlock 
  • Fountain rewards users for listening to podcasts
  • Blubrry has launched 'podcast media kits’ that update daily 
  • Libsyn Studio
  • Anchor podcast fraud...


 2022-07-08  45m