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episode 20: The Power Of Your Voice And How To Podcast Like A Pro With Julie Lokun

Are you a podcast addict? Do you love new podcasts? Podtease is the place for you. Start podcasting yourself.

Podcasting is making a resurgence in popularity. The genre of podcasting has been experiencing a sort of renaissance. According to the Intelligencer, the reason podcasts may be growing is that the economics are compelling...



episode 19: All The Way Authentic With Kevin P Henry

This is a Podtease favorite. Kevin P. Henry is an actor, an activist, a renaissance man who is changing the world with his voice. In this episode Kevin dives deep with author Alexadria Nicole.

This podcast is about finding YOU, understanding YOU, unapologetically being YOU, and actively going after your personal and professional goals. The podcast features interviews and stories that are designed to educate and inspire...



episode 17: Create Your Happy with Christy Holt: Coaching vs Therapy

In today's episode, we are going to understand the difference between coaching and therapy on Podtease. You are going to love this conversation-it is enlightening and powerful. Join the podcasting revolution today!

Listen to the peppy, professional, and our favorite happiness coach, Christy Holt. Christy dives deep into the differentiation between coaching and therapy. Are coaching and therapy the same? We will find out in today’s episode...



episode 16: Stay On Course - Ingredients For Success with Julie Riga, featuring James Orsini, key collaborator of Gary Vaynerchuk

Stay On Course and learn to lead your life. Do you know your purpose in life? Are you guided by a foundation that is rooted in self-awareness?

Join host Julie Riga, best selling-author and ICF leadership coach as she explores different topics in leadership, personal development, and faith. Julie Riga is the daughter of renowned chef to the stars, Ennio Riga...



episode 15: Nutrition Without Compromise - Dr. William Li's Eat To Beat Disease Course & Book Review: 5 Health Defenses, 5 Health Surprises

Did you know that your body can fight off diseases if you eat the right foods? Learn about the 5x5x5 framework and how you can feed your five defenses correctly. Join Corinna Bellizzi as she reviews Dr. William Li's bestselling book and course of the same name: Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself. Discover how your body heals itself with stem cells. Learn the best foods to eat while still having some cheat foods...


 2022-07-08  27m

episode 14: Goddesses Gather Here: Car Talk with Julie Jacobs

Goddesses Gather Here: Episode #1 - Car Talk, hosted by Julie Jacobs

Guys, it's my first episode! Get my very own Goddess Origin Story straight to your earballs.

Are you a goddess? Or are you a goddess in training? And what the heck is a goddess? Join Julie Jacobs, your new favorite host of a personal development podcast that you will need to listen to over and over...


 2022-07-01  20m

episode 13: Motorcycles & Misfits with Liza Miller - episode 361: Gary Davis; The Coolest Interview We've Ever Done

What do Evel Knievel, Captain America, Kenny Roberts and the Terminator have in common? In 2018 Emma, Michael and myself scored an interview with Gary Davis, the coolest guy you’ve probably never heard of. Gary was inducted into the AMA hall of fame for his career as a racer, daredevil and stuntman.

In 1969 he raced alongside greats like Kenny Roberts and Gary Scott.

In 1972 he beat Evil Knievel’s record by jumping 21 cars. But it wasn’t an ordinary jump...


 2022-06-24  1h55m

episode 12: IT'S TRAVEL TIME! Cultural Chameleons: Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

This week we invite you to explore your wanderlust and plan your next vacation as we introduce you to a travel podcast, Cultural Chameleon, hosted by Rod Desch. This podcast is one-part travel and one-part culture as it educates you on the locations we might grow to know and love and industries around the world as seen though the eyes of guests that have experienced them first hand. This podcast is all about discovery and exploration -- and it's perfect for anyone who loves to travel...


 2022-06-17  34m

episode 11: Oversharing with Mikhail Alfon: Debunking Nutrition Myths with Nikki Boyd

Oversharing with Mikhail Alfon - mikhailalfon.com

Oversharing features personal stories from guests passionate about their growth and the growth of others. The interviews can be broken down into three sections: what were the guest like in high school, what got them here, and what did they learn along the way...


 2022-06-10  1h23m

episode 10: Your Favorite Blockhead #154: ‘Grit Your Teeth…and Get Him Out’, Brian Little celebrates Chadwick Boseman's life

If you love MMA and Charlie Brown, this podcast was created just for you.

In this episode, Your Favorite Blockhead (YFB), Brian Little, celebrates the life of Chadwick Boseman, incorporates how Peanuts' "gritting teeth show real determination", and gives updates on UFC Fights at the APEX in Las Vegas...


 2022-06-03  24m
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