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POLITICO's top reporters dive into the political landscape, the latest numbers that matter, and detail what's really happening behind closed doors. They're people who spend Friday nights poring over poll numbers or the latest Federal Election Commission reports — so if you want to understand how the modern politics game is played, this is the podcast for you. New episodes every Friday, hosted by Scott Bland.


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episode 293: "I haven't been able to get this moment out of my head"

"It became clear that Scott Pruitt had sought to purchase a used mattress from the Trump hotel. And I thought, 'This is not what I expected this job would look like.'" At the close of Donald Trump's presidency, POLITICO's reporters and editors share their strongest memories of the last four years. Shocking moments they witnessed, conversations they overheard and what will stay with them forever...



episode 292: Impeached twice and still empowered

He's spent a lifetime turning near-disasters into brand-building triumphs. POLITICO magazine writer Michael Kruse talks to Scott Bland about how President Trump could do it again—unless the Senate breaks the pattern. Plus, a dispatch from POLITICO Congress reporter Sarah Ferris. Scott Bland is a politics editor at POLITICO. Michael Kruse is a senior staff writer at POLITICO magazine. Annie Rees is a producer for POLITICO audio. Jenny Ament is senior producer for POLITICO audio...



episode 291: A riot and a reckoning

The government ground to a halt on Wednesday when rioters breached and laid siege to the Capitol. Hours later, Congress reconvened to complete the electoral count and confirm Joe Biden's victory. Meanwhile, Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won their Georgia Senate races, giving Democrats a narrow Senate majority. POLITICO founding editor John Harris talks with Scott Bland about this chaotic week in politics. Scott Bland is a politics editor at POLITICO...



episode 290: Nerdcast presents: Global Translations, episode 7

"Nerdcast" presents Episode 7 of the new season of POLITICO's podcast "Global Translations":  What will it take to secure access to the critical minerals we need for the future — and can we solve one environmental challenge without creating a new one? Hosts Luiza Savage and Ryan Heath talk to political leaders around the world about what they are doing to shore up access to critical minerals.  Luiza Savage is the host of "Global Translations". Ryan Heath is a host of "Global Translations"...



episode 289: Nerdcast presents: Global Translations, episode 6

"Nerdcast" presents Episode 6 of the new season of POLITICO's podcast "Global Translations":  To understand how essential critical minerals are to our world, we turn to a case study: cobalt. This mineral is proving key to the future of green energy, defense and high tech manufacturing — not to mention electric vehicles. But cobalt has its challenges...


 2020-12-25  28m

episode 288: Goin' to the chapel to get out the v-o-t-e

Ahead of January's runoff election in Georgia, the Black church has been, once again, thrust into the spotlight as an organizing force for voters and as a point of contention for conservatives. POLITICO reporter Maya King talks with Dr. Freddy Haynes, senior pastor at Dallas' massive Friendship West church, about the historic role that the Black church has played in American politics, from Harriet Tubman to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Senate runoff candidate Rev...


 2020-12-18  23m

episode 287: Abuela is always right, and other lessons from Florida 2020

It's an unspoken rule not to talk politics at the dinner table — unless you have a podcast recording, then it's fine! POLITICO's Sabrina Rodriguez gets real with her Cuban family — abuela Diana, aunt Gloria and mom Martha — about their 2020 votes, and how Cuban Americans in Miami-Dade County helped Donald Trump win Florida. Then she talks to Scott Bland about whether the ultimate purple state is drifting red. Scott Bland is the host of Nerdcast and a politics editor at POLITICO...


 2020-12-11  25m

episode 286: The one place where the 2020 election isn't over

It's a political cliche to say that the stakes couldn't be higher — but we're looking at Georgia and the stakes couldn't be higher! Republicans and Democrats are feeling the pressure as they vie for the Senate majority, which has major implications for Joe Biden's presidency. Senate reporter James Arkin talks to Scott about his latest trip down to Georgia. Scott Bland is the host of Nerdcast and a politics editor at POLITICO. James Arkin is a Senate campaigns reporter at POLITICO...


 2020-12-04  26m

episode 285: Introducing Global Translations: Critical Minerals: The next dirty fight over clean energy

"Nerdcast" presents Episode 5 of the new season of POLITICO's podcast "Global Translations":  The technologies that protect us, move us and power our daily lives require mining minerals and metalsin distant places. But access to these essential materials is increasingly under threat. Hosts Luiza Savage and Ryan Heath talk with experts who are sounding the alarm.  Luiza Savage is the host of "Global Translations". Ryan Heath is a host of "Global Translations"...


 2020-11-25  24m

episode 284: New apps, no fact checks

Dan Bongino is pushing a stolen election conspiracy theory, and he's gaining followers. Some far-right commentators like Dan are flocking to apps like Parler and Rumble, where they don't have to be fact checked by Facebook and Twitter. POLITICO reporter Maggie Severns tells Scott Bland about the conservative pundits and fringe outlets whose conspiracies will dominate far-right messaging for the next four years. Scott Bland is the host of Nerdcast and a politics editor at POLITICO...


 2020-11-20  23m