Politics: Meet Me in the Middle

In an age when saying the wrong thing in a Twitter post could leave you ghosted by onetime friends—or worse—we find our country torn apart at the political seams. But things don’t need to be this way. Constructive social discourse is not dead, it just needs a little resuscitation. From CurtCo Media. ​ Consider Meet Me in the Middle your political rehab. Each week, Ed Larson (Pulitzer Prize winning historian, author, and world-wide lecturer) invites guests from across the ideological spectrum—including politicians, activists, and celebrities—to sit down, discuss the issues, and if not find consensus, at least find common ground. So bring an open mind and remember, we’re more alike than different.


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episode 48: 48 - Universal Basic Income with Economist and Professor Ioana Marinescu

UBI expert, professor and economist Ioana Marinescu of the University of Pennsylvania joins the panel to discuss universal basic income, minimum wage, and the stimulus. With the economy potentially breaching the danger zone as the country begins to lockdown again, a discussion of increased public benefits becomes more important than ever.



episode 47: 47 - "Passing the Torch" with Political Science Professor Dan Caldwell

How will a rocky transition of power between President Trump and President Elect Biden affect our international relations? Pepperdine Professor and Political Scientist Dan Caldwell shares his predictions for the US and what we can expect in the next two months, including the repercussions of pulling troops out of Afghanistan and our relationship status with both North Korea and Russia.



episode 46: 46 - Unelected with Political Scientist Norman Ornstein

Our country stands on the precipice of a new future and Donald Trump is not going to go quietly. But we, as a society, can decide to come together to take on our common enemies: a virus, unemployment, economic stress, prejudices, and more...



episode 45: 45 - The Future of the Supreme Court with Supreme Court Litigator Ed Warren

How will the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, determine America's path forward? Supreme Court Litigator Ed Warren returns to discuss some of his previous, spot-on predictions and the implications around the massive changes happening in the country, including of course, the impending election.



episode 44: 44 - Toxic Polarization with Dr. Peter Coleman

Multi-award-winning author and renowned founding director of “The Difficult Conversations Lab” at Columbia University, Dr. Peter Coleman joins the show to chat about the incredible political divide and current polarization of the country. The panel illuminates how we got here, and what we might expect come December post-election.


 2020-10-26  34m

episode 43: 43 - 'Polling Revisited' with Monmouth University Polling Expert Patrick Murray

In this special re-release, we revisit our episode with the polling expert from Monmouth University Mr. Patrick Murray. Patrick demystifies the world of poling and helps explain how we should and shouldn’t approach the results come election time.


 2020-10-19  24m

episode 42: 42 - Counting the Vote with Former Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan

Former Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan joins the show to discuss both technicalities and expectations to the very unique upcoming presidential election.


 2020-10-12  33m

episode 41: 41 - The Making Of A President 2020 with Journalist Walter Shapiro

Journalist Walter Shapiro joins co-hosts Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht and Historian Ed Larson to discuss how the media's reporting has changed during this pandemic-altered campaign season.


 2020-10-05  26m

episode 40: 40 - The Whole World Is Watching with Civil Rights Attorney Carol Sobel

Civil Rights Attorney Carol Sobel discusses the challenges and offers solutions to police handling protesters and the homeless.


 2020-09-24  28m

episode 39: 39 - The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times: Anthropologist Wade Davis Presents The Unraveling Of America

Anthropologist and author Wade Davis discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused America to decline and what can be done to revitalize the nation.


 2020-09-18  28m