Politics: Meet Me in the Middle

In an age when saying the wrong thing in a Twitter post could leave you ghosted by onetime friends—or worse—we find our country torn apart at the political seams. But things don’t need to be this way. Constructive social discourse is not dead, it just needs a little resuscitation. From CurtCo Media. ​ Consider Meet Me in the Middle your political rehab. Each week, Ed Larson (Pulitzer Prize winning historian, author, and world-wide lecturer) invites guests from across the ideological spectrum—including politicians, activists, and celebrities—to sit down, discuss the issues, and if not find consensus, at least find common ground. So bring an open mind and remember, we’re more alike than different.


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episode 38: 38 - The Economy Explained (Finally!) with MIT Economist Daron Acemoglu

MIT Economist Daron Acemoglu explains what the US economy is and what it is not.


 2020-09-10  33m

episode 37: 37 - It Is What It Is: A Debate About The Elections, Checks And Balance, and China with Don Schmitz

In support of President Trump, Government Affairs Consultant Don Schmitz contrasts the President's approach to governing with prior administrations. Historian Ed Larson explains why the President is not elected by popular vote. Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht debates the effectiveness of the U.S. relationship with China and NATO.


 2020-08-27  35m

episode 36: 36 - Empathy Vs Values: with Activists and Authors Gregg Hurwitz and Billy Ray

Screenwriter Billy Ray and Author Gregg Hurwitz explain why Conservatives and Liberals seem constantly at odds politically and how to best communicate with each other during polarized times. They suggest that, on many issues, we agree more than we disagree.


 2020-08-20  31m

episode 35: 35 - Protests, Elections, and Data Protections with Homeland Security Expert Paul Rosenzweig

How secure is the Homeland? Expert Paul Rosenzweig shares the scope of Homeland Security regarding the recent protests in Portland, International Data Protection, and the pros and cons of mail-in voting.


 2020-08-13  45m

episode 34: 34 - Should Colleges Open? - The Students' Perspective

Should college campuses open in the Fall? Students from Ohio State, Concordia, Laurentian, and Elon universities offer opinions on whether schools should open and discuss the merits of online versus in-person learning.


 2020-08-06  34m

episode 33: 33 - Should Colleges Open In 2020? - The Presidents' View with David Leebron and E. Gordon Gee

Will colleges open in the Fall? Colleges and universities are under enormous pressure to at least partially open their campuses in the fall of 2020. Presidents David Leebron (Rice University) and Gordon Gee (West Virginia University) join host Bill Curtis to discuss school openings, online education, and whether institutions can survive in a post-COVID environment.


 2020-07-30  30m

episode 32: 32 - Scott Galloway: The Future of Higher Education

Education and COVID: Will schools return to in-classroom teaching in the Fall? Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business discusses what parents, educators, students, and administrators are trying to figure out: what’s going to happen with colleges this Fall? Will classes be on campus, online, or be offered as some kind of hybrid experience?


 2020-07-23  30m

episode 31: 31 - Polling, Politics, And Predictions with Patrick Murray, founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute

Patrick Murray, founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute talks about his 20+ year career conducting media polling and custom-designed research projects for a variety of clients


 2020-07-17  34m

episode 30: 30 - How to Have the Hard Discussions: Talking About Race in a Polarized Society with Dr. David Campt and Broadway Producer Ron Simons

Dr. David Campt and Broadway Producer Ron Simons have an open and frank discussion of race in America, the need for uncomfortable and difficult conversations and the importance of diversity of representation, including the work we need to do as a country to continue affecting change, and ways the white community can educate themselves to become effective allies to the Black community.


 2020-07-10  29m

episode 29: 29 - Are We Watching American Democracy Die? With Constitutional Scholar Bruce Ackerman

The perils of run-away executive power, the demise of journalism, and political campaigns being ruled by corporate finance rather than a citizen’s vote. Professor Bruce Ackerman discusses safeguards against despotism in a democracy during times of pandemic and crises and offers an alternative solution to ending big money in politics.


 2020-06-05  21m