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Episode 49: Gov't Admits it Has UFOs - What it Means & What's Next

On July 24th 2020, A High-Level advisor to all Government Intelligences bodies said that the US has “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” William discusses what this means for UFO Disclosure, and what is to come next. Also - The vindication of Bob



Episode 48: Is There Any Truth in the Most Famous UFO "Hoaxes"?

The Alien Interview, The Alien Autopsy, Jerusalem UFOs, Deathbed Confessions...Is it in any way possible that there could be truth, or some small bit of truth, to the famously "debunked" UFO stories? Let's re-examine and you can decide.



Episode 47: UFOJane on Disclosure, Cover Ups, Sightings, & Non-Hoaxes

UFO Investigator UFOJane of TexasUFOSightings joins William to discuss all things UFO. Why is the Government just now admitting the Navy UFO videos are legitimate? Are we getting Disclosure right now? If not, when? Personal experiences at "Storm Area 51"


 2020-05-12  n/a

Episode 46: Clone Wars Final Episodes Watchalong & Commentary

The great Bob Miri joins William Cleere & Charlie Crabtree to watch the final two episodes of "The Clone Wars". Sync up your Disney+ with us and watchalong while we provide reaction, commentary, humor, and hopefully insight.  #Theclonewars #Ashok


 2020-05-09  n/a

Episode 45: Clone Wars Watchalong & Commentary

" Commentary, Watchalong, Reaction & Review of Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 9 "Old Friends Not Forgotten" * Episode 10 "Phantom Apprentice" William Cleere & Charlie Crabtree give insight, commentary, humor as 2 lifelong Star Wars experts and fans


 2020-05-03  n/a

Episode 44: From Shelter in Place to Ashes in Space

William & Charlie do a quarantined web conference episode to talk Virus Anxiety, Star Trek, Tiger King, The Walking Dead, & how to get your cremated ashes shot into space. Enjoy!


 2020-04-17  n/a

Episode 43: Navy's Scary Comments, Space Force, Human Aliens, & FRBs

2020 is only 2 months old, but Alien News is everywhere. Wiliam discusses the Navy's cryptic comments on UFOs, Space Force chasing "satellites", Are Aliens us from the future? And repeating radio signals from space.


 2020-03-01  n/a

Episode 42: The Battle of Los Angeles 1942 - Military vs ???

William tells the story of the famous "Battle of Los Angeles" in 1942. Also known as the "Great Los Angeles Air Raid" where our military fired 1400 rounds of artillery into the sky at an object(s) still unknown today.


 2020-01-22  n/a

Episode 41: "The Rise Of Skywalker", The Good, The Bad, & The Lore Behind It

William & Charlie discuss "The Rise of Skywalker" in detail with spoilers. What they loved, didn't love, fan criticisms, the inside lore within the film, & the Star Wars Saga as a whole: Ranking the Films, The Mandalorian, & More


 2020-01-01  n/a

Star Wars Sideshow Finale: Quick Takes on "Rise of Skywalker"

William gives initial feelings and thoughts about "The Rise of Skywalker" prior to the full "deep dive" review coming in early 2020


 2019-12-30  n/a