Bitch Media is a feminist response to pop culture, home to whip-smart writers, artists, and activists who analyze popular media with an eye on gender, race, class, and sexuality. A new Bitch podcast comes out every Thursday: Popaganda is a 45-minute in-depth exploration of themes ranging from stand-up comedy to sex work and Backtalk is our quick, fun conversation about the week in pop culture.

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Popaganda: The Myth of the Strong Black Woman

Writer Tamara Winfrey Harris explores the image of "strong black women" in pop culture and brings together three friends to discuss real-life experiences around race and toughness.


 2014-07-31  19m

Popaganda: Sex, Condoms, and Abortions in Pop Culture

We look at the way movies and music discuss reproductive rights, including an analysis of Nicki Minaj lyrics, a history of American sex-ed films, and an exploration of the how movies make abortion seem more dangerous than it really is.


 2014-07-25  33m

Popaganda: Who Owns the Internet?

The country is debating rules that could give big companies like Verizon and Comcast much more control over the internet. We look at how why feminists—and anyone who cares about independent media—should care about the future of the internet.


 2014-07-03  27m

Popaganda: On the Road

Three stories from women writers about life on the road, including an interview with Led Zeppelin cover band Lez Zeppelin, a profile of a mysterious desert traveler in the early 1900s, and a tale of big people in small airplane seats.


 2014-06-20  28m

Popaganda: Demystifying the Wage Gap

Why is it that white men in America are paid more—on average—than women and people of color in every single state? We dig into the realities behind the wage gap with all-stars Lilly Ledbetter, Sheila Bapat, and Sarah Jaffe.


 2014-06-06  31m

Popaganda: 20 Years of Sister Spit

Three members of the long-running feminist writer roadshow talk about their adventures and their work. Features interviews with Christy Road, Beth Lisick, and Dia Felix.


 2014-05-02  33m

Popaganda: Political Joke

Hari Kondabolu says he's a "killjoy who happens to do comedy." We talk with Hari about his immensely popular standup routine, which focuses on jokes about race and inequality, then catch up with Erin Gibson,


 2014-04-18  39m

Popaganda: Seattle is a Queer Music Boomtown

An upstart community of LGBT performers is transforming Seattle's music scene, long known as the epicenter of plaid-wearing indie rock dudes


 2014-04-03  38m

Popaganda: Open Source Feminism

The internet is powered by open source technology—exciting software that's built collaboratively from the bottom-up. But if open source technology is meant to be free and equal, why do men continue to dominate sites like Wikipedia?


 2014-03-20  27m

Popaganda: Space and Power

Three all-star feminist thinkers discuss issues of gender, power, and space. Featuring Franchesca Ramsey, Christina Hanhardt, and Karma Chavez.


 2014-03-01  40m