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Popaganda: Olympic Spectacle

The most competitive sport at the Olympics is national storytelling. We rethink representations of female figure skaters, Olympic cities, and Russian politics.


 2014-02-07  34m

Popaganda: Make Your Own Media

Don't hate media—make media. We talk with the brains behind three great magazines for young women: Rookie, She Shreds, and Shameless.


 2014-01-23  31m

Popaganda: Our Favorite TV, Movies, Music, and Books from 2013

The Bitch staff discusses our TV, movies, books, and music from the year.


 2013-12-19  38m

Popaganda: Funny Business

Four professionally funny ladies—Lizz Winstead, Allie Brosh, Aparna Nancherla, and Jenny Yang—talk about the craft of making jokes.


 2013-12-05  19m

Popaganda: Subverting the Holidays

There's no escaping the holidays. Here are four stories of ways people take the holidays and make 'em their own. Featuring author Sherman Alexie and the editor of Adbusters.


 2013-11-22  37m

Popaganda: Riot Grrrl Revisited

This is a big year for musicians who grew up with the Riot Grrrl movement. We talk with iconic musicians Kathleen Hanna and JD Samson about their new albums and writer Laina Dawes provides a different perspective with an essay,


 2013-11-07  41m

Popaganda: Dress Up

Costumes wield a certain power. We talk with tomboy fashion company Wildfang and cosplayer Chaka Cumberbatch about dressing up, then bring in two Portland fashion designers to discuss sexy Halloween costumes.


 2013-10-24  38m

Popaganda: Plan B

Meet the Native American activists pushing to make emergency contraception accessible to all women. Plus, we secretly shop for Plan B in pharmacies around Portland, Oregon.


 2013-10-10  17m

Popaganda: Fall TV

Are you having a lot of feelings about Breaking Bad, Scandal, Parks & Rec, or New Girl? Join the club. This episode discusses those four shows in-depth, plus highlights other fall TV we're excited about.


 2013-09-26  39m

Popaganda: Ghosts

Ghosts get a bad rap. Maybe it's undeserved. This show looks at how female ghosts from The Conjuring to Beloved can't escape gender roles, as well as how special corn seeds in North Dakota preserve the spirit of a great-great grandmother.


 2013-09-12  29m