Power Rangers: The Audio Drama

A ground up reimagining of the old 90's show. Power Rangers as cool as you thought it was when you were 8. Inspired by the Boom Studios comics and professionally fan made. Non Profit and in no way connected with Saban Or Hasbro.


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episode 2: Season 3, Episode 2: A Friend In Need

Now in command, Rita strikes at both the Rangers and their former teammates, including one who ha...



episode 1: Season 3, Episode 1: Ninja Quest

The Rangers rush to space in search of someone to fix their powers, meanwhile Rita and Zedd conti...


 2022-08-07  58m

episode 15: Flash Forward

Tommy begins having visions of what may be his future.


 2022-08-03  28m

episode 14: MMPR/Zyuranger Season 1, Episode 17 "Green With Evil" Part 1/The Sixth Hero Review w/ Joey Sourlis (Patreon Bonus Content Preview)

Here is a full episode of our bonus exclusive review show featuring the entire panel of both show...


 2022-07-21  1h51m

episode 13: Origins: Zordon

Who was Zordon when he was alive? How did he find the coins and meet Rita? All is answered in thi...


 2022-05-20  36m

Season Two - Cast and Creator Recap

Karl is joined by Joey Sourlis, Connor Terrell, Jimmy Ace Lewis, Will Smith, Natalie Beran (conne...


 2022-04-17  2h14m

The Power Rangers Audio Drama Aftershow: Season 2 Finale (Free Patreon Preview)

This is a free preview of the new aftershow I have started on the Patreon for all tiers with Powe...


 2022-04-07  11m

episode 12: Season 2 Finale: "Rangers No More."

Lord Zedd has returned, and he is not alone. The Rangers must gather all of their past and presen...


 2022-03-31  57m

episode 11: Season 2: Episode 11 "The Year Of The Power Rangers"

 A new year dawns for the Rangers and six months pass as they begin to settle into their liv...


 2022-02-18  48m

episode 1: Scyther Audio Dramas Patreon Now Live!

We have now launched a Patreon! To help me out and get exclusive content please visit patreon.com...


 2022-02-04  4m