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Comedians pitch absurd and creative prequels, sequels and remakes for films that don't need them! Each episode features a prequel, sequel and remake plus a candid discussion of the film in question. Wonder what a prequel for Ready Player One or Space Jam 2 would look like? Give us a listen and find out! New episodes every other Wednesday. Official Site: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Support this podcast:

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episode 46: Pluto Nash | Prequel Sequel Remake

Oh great, its Eddie Murphy in his particularly bad period. When a movie makes The Haunted Mansion and Daddy Day Care look like a crowning achievement in comparison, you know you’re in for a “treat.” This movie is often regarded as one of the biggest cinematic bombs in history but it’s really seldom talked about: why? Well, dive into the moon-tastic adventure that is Pluto Nash with the Prequel, Sequel, Remake boys!

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 2020-07-01  2h16m

episode 45: Pulp Fiction!

What do you know: it's a good movie this time! It’s everyone’s favorite Quentin Tarantino film and dorm room poster! Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield (Travolta and Sam Jackson respectively) operate in the world of organized crime under their boss Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). The gang gets in all sorts of crazy coinkydinks including blowing the back off of someone’s skull, enjoying a big kahuna burger, and the Bonnie Situation...


 2020-05-06  2h12m

episode 43: Talks: Goldeneye!

Pierce Brosnan burst onto the Bond scene in 1995's classic: GoldenEye! This movie really did the work to bring Bond into the modern era with higher paced action, a thrilling score, and the unabashed star power of Joe Don Baker. 

Is it the best Bond? Is it the worst Bond? Do we spend most of the episode talking about the amazing video game adaptation? Listen and find out!

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 2020-03-25  1h6m

episode 42: Episode 32: Hackers

What kind of movie do you make about computer hacking before Windows '95 is out? Well, apparently this one! Hackers is a cult classic of incredibly mind-boggling proportions. Our lovable heroes spend the whole movie screwing with each other and committing a gleeful number of crimes in an attempt to "Hack the Planet...


 2020-03-04  1h32m

episode 41: Episode 31: Air Force One!

Back in the 90’s, you used to be able to hear the words “Harrison Ford” and “Plane” in the same sentence without being filled with abject terror. Before he was crashing planes of his own, Harrison Ford was telling terrorist to “Get off my plane.” Air Force One is the second best airplane based action movie to come out in 1997...


 2020-02-12  1h42m

episode 42: Holiday Special: A Very Merry Prequel, Sequel, Remakes-Mas

It's a holiday treat from your friends at Prequel, Sequel, Remake! Cozy up with us in our Christmas cabin for a holly jolly time of presents, celebrity guests, commercials, musical performances, multi level marketing, commercials, and a whole lot more! All your favorites are bound to stop by... and also Jack Frost. Have a Very Merry Prequel, Sequel, Remakes-Mas!

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 2019-12-18  27m

episode 40: Best of Season Three!

Ahoy me hearties! Season three was a ton of fun, we went Hawaiian with Beetlejuice, jammed with the Jack Frost band, and really connected in Miami. Now as is the tradition as we roll over into a new season, we're gonna reflect at the season that was and select our three favorite installments. What will make the cut? You'll have to listen to find out! Plus - get a taste of what will be on the table for Season Four.

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 2019-12-04  1h48m

episode 39: Miami Connection!

We absolutely love this earnestly terrible little flick. There is just so much to love, and to unpack, about YK Kim's Miami Connection. Ninjas have invaded Miami - wait Orlando. Why are they there? Drugs maybe. Or maybe it's money. Does it end up mattering? Not really! The only ones who can stop them: a crack team of orphaned college students in their mid thirties and their ninja themed rock band, Dragon Sound. Will you hear their two songs over and over again? Heck yes you will...


 2019-10-30  2h0m

episode 37: Episode 29: E.T!

It's Spielberg's classic prequel to Mac N Me; E.T. The Extra Terrestrial! When Stevey wasn't busy exploring Close Encounters of the Third Kind or raiding some lost arks, he was making movies for the kids! Yes, terrible child actors and obnoxious teens galore! Children learn about life, death, and the swift arm of the US Government in this timeless classic...


 2019-09-11  0m

episode 38: Episode 28: Dirty Work

In what is clearly our most anticipated episode ever - we're doing a deep dive into DIRTY WORK...


 2019-06-12  1h48m