The LGBTQ experience is more than just a rainbow flag, it’s a movement. The PRIDE podcast hosted by Levi Chambers celebrates every person under the queer umbrella with skillful journalism and engaging interviews. Ever wondered about the queer pirates who of the Caribbean? How about the origins of the expression "coming out" or the queer history of the United States? Join us as we provide a platform to LGBTQ people with stories to tell — stories about sexuality, gender, love, laughter or anything that unleashes your curiosity. PRIDE’s weekly podcast from Straw Hut Media is guaranteed to let your mind run wild in a safe space full of wonderment. So come along, we’re proud to have you. *This podcast is not affiliated with Pride Media

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When Gay Best Friends Have a Baby Together w/ Brandi Andrews & Lawrence Carroll

Brandi and Lawrence were close friends who met at work, where the idea of starting a family together casually came up. Nearly four years later, they are raising their two-year-old son Hartley as a blended family that includes Brandi and Lawrence, as well as their respective partners. But what really sets them apart from other families is that Lawrence is gay and Brandi is a lesbian...



Alec Mapa: Hot Mess with Matthew Dempsey Psychotherapist

Trixie Mattel- Elastic Thinking- In this episode of Alec Mapa: Hot Mess with Matthew Dempsey Psychotherapist, Alec and Matthew welcome world-famous drag queen, star of the hit show “UNHhhh” and host of the podcast The Bald and the Beautiful, the hilarious Trixie Mattel. The three have a fascinating conversation on the topic of elastic thinking, what exactly it means and how it can help us to heal...



America's Next Top Bisexual w/ Marvin Cortes

Marvin Cortes was the runner-up on cycle 20 of the modeling competition show, “America’s Next Top Model.” He was always caught flirting with the girls competing on the show and even ended up in a short relationship with Renee Bog-wah-deen at the end of the season. Which is part of the reason why Marvin’s family never suspected that he was anything but straight. But last month, Marvin posted a video telling everyone that he’s bisexual and proud...



Vampires and Guys with Snake Tattoos w/ Saro

Today we’re talking with Saro, spelled s-a-r-o, an LA-based R&B-pop artist. Saro, AKA Evan Windom, is an independent artist who’s moody tracks live up to his name as he belts out lyrics like “love is pain.” Recently, Saro began to openly sing about the men he has dated. Like his recent single, “Daddy I Love Him.” But before he was proudly using male pronouns in his songs, he was using vague lyrics to hide his sexuality. It’s a fear a lot of musicians have...



That's So Raven Symone & Miranda Maday

In your head, you probably had an idea, or preconceived notation, or who Raven Symone was, which is why many of her fans were surprised when she announced her secret wedding to a woman named Miranda Maday. Today, we talk marriage with Raven and Miranda, the reality of being a young queer actor on Disney, their new YouTube channel, and maybe babies. Be sure to follow Raven and Miranda on IG and follow their YouTube channel, 8 PM! Your host is Levi Chambers, co-founder of Gayety...



Pray Away w/ Randy Thomas

So today, we’re doing something a little different on the Pride podcast. I connect with Anne Heche and Heather Duffy, hosts of the Better Together podcast, who introduce me to Randy Thomas. Randy, one of the subjects of Netflix's "Pray Away", was the former vice-president of Exodus International...


 2021-08-24  53m

Liberated From Hollywood w/ Alyson Stoner

Like many child actors, Alyson has since spoken out about the intense conditions of her childhood and how she barely escaped the toddler-to-trainwreck pipeline. Today, she lives a pretty ordinary life. She’s furniture shopping for her new home, going to the farmers market on the weekends and researching what college she wants to take classes at. She’s even spoken up about falling in love with a woman for the first time...


 2021-08-14  40m

Black Gay Weddings w/ Lawrence & Michael Broughton

When you were little, you probably pictured what your wedding day would look like. So when the day finally arrives to plan your big day, it’s a big deal. If a large celebration is your thing, then you’ll probably look for vendors and color schemes and outfits. This is exactly what Lawrence and Michael went to do, but it wasn’t as magical as they had dreamed. When they went on Pinterest for wedding inspiration, they couldn’t find a single photo of a couple that looked like them...


 2021-08-06  32m

Fitness Pop Star: Caleb Marshall

Based in Los Angeles California, Caleb Marshall found a way to combine his love for pop music and dancing into an actual workout routine. He posts short videos online of him dancing along to some of today’s hottest hits. But a younger Caleb would have never pictured himself as a fitness icon. Today Caleb talks to us about how he started his career making dance videos and the steps he took to ensure he embraces his true, authentic self everyday of his life...


 2021-07-23  36m

Love-All w/ Lendale Johnson

Lendale Johnson made headlines as America’s first openly gay professional tennis player. But not everyone saw his coming out as something to be celebrated. Lendale’s sexuality affects his life everyday, on and off the court. And it nearly destroyed his relationship with his mom. Today, Lendale is here to talk about the reality of being an out professional athlete, his family’s journey to acceptance and how his tennis academy inspires the next generation of athletes...


 2021-07-17  30m