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 2020-03-16  3m

Fri. 03/13 – What Will It Take To Win?

What do the polls spell for Tuesday’s primary elections? Everything Sanders and Biden each need to do to win the nomination, and once again, an update on how the coronavirus is affecting the election...


 2020-03-13  17m

Thu. 03/12 – Bernie Sanders the Unity Candidate?

Does Bernie Sanders have a unity strategy? Joe Biden hires Beto O’Rourke’s campaign manager and addresses the nation. Plus, who is Elizabeth Warren going to endorse and more ways the coronavirus is affecting the presidential race.


 2020-03-12  20m

03/11 – Sanders Is Never Gonna Give Us Up

Senator Sanders held a press conference to announce... that he is staying in the race. Biden won big in the elections last night, and voter turnout is looking bad for Sanders, but good for the democratic party.


 2020-03-11  18m

03/10 – Elections on Hard Mode

National polling continues to look up for Biden, a state-by-state breakdown of the day’s elections––plus, how election security and coronavirus are affecting the 2020 race.


 2020-03-10  19m

03/09 – Can the Bernie Brothers Pull Off a Win Tomorrow?

It’s not looking so hot for Sanders in Michigan, Biden is collecting endorsements like Pokémon and leading in national polls. Plus, a look ahead to tomorrow’s primary elections.


 2020-03-09  21m

03/06 – Joe Takes the Lead

Biden is surging in national polls, but the numbers are closer in some of the upcoming primary states––and why is it that so many black voters support Biden over Sanders?


 2020-03-06  16m

03/05 – Senator Warren Drops Out

Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race, Biden is surging in Florida, the Sanders campaign is changing tactics, and a brief look ahead to the next primaries.


 2020-03-05  16m

03/04 – The Super Tuesday Aftermath

It’s the aftermath of Super Tuesday, Joe Biden exceeded expectations, Mike Bloomberg is out, and Elizabeth Warren is reassessing her options...


 2020-03-04  20m

03/03 – What’s at Stake on Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is here! It’s endorsement central for Biden. We take a look at the Super Tuesday forecast state-by-state as well as nationally, and are we seeing a battle emerge between two factions of the democratic party?


 2020-03-03  22m