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Fri. 04/19 – The Stop & Shop Strike and Biden is Ready

Which candidates have already qualified for the debates, the Stop & Shop strike draws primary candidates, Joe Biden is expected to announce on Wednesday, Buttigieg is planning to become a…


 2019-04-19  18m

Thu. 04/18 – National Service Programs and Climate Change

Buttigieg and Delaney propose national service programs, Terry McAuliffe is officially NOT running, an update on Gravel’s fundraising as a protest candidate, why the press is so enthusiastic about B…


 2019-04-18  20m

Wed. 04/17 – Buttigieg vs. Hecklers & Warren on Public Lands

A look at how policy is used as a tool by candidates, Bernie Sanders gets cheers on Fox News, the full FEC fundraising list is now online, Buttigieg faces hecklers in Iowa, and Warren proposes a new…


 2019-04-17  17m

Tue. 04/16 – More Fun Tax Returns; Bill Weld Challenges Trump

Bernie Sanders releases his tax returns, Bill Weld is officially challenging Trump in the Republican primary, wealthy Democrats are worried about Sanders, most of the Democratic Q1 fundraising…


 2019-04-16  20m

Mon. 04/15 – Mayor Pete Brings the Heat

Buttigieg makes it official, Cory Booker returns to Newark for a rally, an explainer on what the difference is between a presidential exploratory committee and officially announcing that you’re r…


 2019-04-15  20m

Fri. 04/12 – All About Medicare for All

A deep dive on the latest Bernie Sanders Medicare for All plan: what is is, what it might mean for you, and how we might pay for it. After that, a look at what’s happening on the ground in Iowa, and …


 2019-04-12  21m

Thu. 04/11 – Warren, Booker, Castro, and Gabbard

Warren raises $6 million, Warren releases yet more tax returns, Cory Booker wants to fix bias in algorithms, Julián Castro plans a big-bet rally, and Tulsi Gabbard will be in the …


 2019-04-11  17m

Wed. 04/10 – How to Count (Candidates)

Nate Silver teaches us how to count candidates, Biden is rumored to announce after Easter, Oregon is poised to join the national popular vote movement, Washington state has a primary that will…


 2019-04-10  16m

Tue. 04/09 – Swalwell and Gravel are In, and Klobuchar Out-Raises Booker

Eric Swalwell gets into the race on Colbert, Mike Gravel enters the race—kinda, Amy Klobuchar rakes in $5 million, FiveThirtyEight analyzes cable TV news so you don’t have to watch it, and Biden sti…


 2019-04-09  16m

Mon. 04/08 - Ryan Is In, Plus Buttigieg vs. Pence

Today: Tim Ryan is officially in the race, everybody wants John Lewis’s endorsement, Bernie Sanders still hasn’t released his tax returns—but I’ll tell you who HAS, Pete Buttigieg calls out the Mike …


 2019-04-08  15m