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The podcast for anything and everything vaporwave! Companion podcast to Private Suite Magazine, the community driven vaporwave publication. Join Rich, Indy, and Augnos as they discuss new vaporwave releases, 90s and internet pop culture, interviews with upcoming artists and labels, and other random things that may or may not have anything to do with vaporwave.

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episode 103: Don't Forget to Backup your Flash Drives and Hard Drives

The final episode of the Private Suite Podcast. Utopia District ( Aesthetic Golf ( Private Suite Facebook ( Podcast Team Xana ( Podcast Intro Music by Strawberry Station Twitter ( Podcast Intro Voice by s h e e p Bandcamp (



episode 102: You Know How People Leave Books in the Sand at Beaches?

No one does, except for Indy apparently. Rich, Augnos, Indy and Xana (FKA Uriel) are back in the suite for some fun vapor discussions. We take a look back at ElectroniCON, now 1 year behind us, explore some unusual releases, talk about some video games, and more. w i n t e r q u i l t - O'discordia ( Trial By Funk Final Round (https://www.reddit...


 2020-09-03  1h27m

episode 101: Private Suite Presents: W A V E S

Rich, Indy, and special guest Maki are here to breakdown W A V E S, the livestream event hosted by Private Suite on August 8+9, 2020. The group runs down the entire setlists and highlights special moments as well as some behind the scenes info about how it all came together. deliriously...daniel ( W A V E S - Setlist and Information ( Afrotectopia (https://www.afrotectopia...


 2020-08-21  1h41m

episode 100: Welcome to the Century Club

We have made it to episode 100! Rich, Indy, and Augnos are back in the suite to reflect on the past 100 episodes, including favorite moments form the show and Private Suite, memorable guests, and more. Additional topics include the new Vapor95 store in Los Angeles, deep fakes, and of course, food. Be sure to listen to the very end of the episode for a little surprise ;) Shout out to Strawberry Station for the new intro music and s h e e p for the voice over work. dsdude500 (https://www.twitch...


 2020-08-06  1h37m

episode 99: SPLASH!

Mélonade joins Rich and Indy in the Private Suite studio today to talk about his upcoming future funk album on Business Casual, releasing early August. Mélonade Bandcamp ( Kujo ( Vapor Memory Coachella 2018 Post ( Kids Toy 90s Ads Doc ( The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can (


 2020-07-26  2h4m

episode 98: Virtua94: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

The Virtua94 team joins Indy in the Private Suite studio today for some brilliant vaporwave chats, a deep live into the Virtua94 label, as well as the musical discographies of each of the members, Mr. Hideyoshi (Victor), Toad Of Sky (Andrew), Parunormal (Devon), AcidWolf (Drew). Virtua94 YouTube ( Mr. Hideyoshi Instagram ( The Hero is You (https://virtua94records.bandcamp...


 2020-07-24  2h40m

episode 97: Nanoshrine: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Joining Indy in the Private Suite studio today is Nanoshrine (FKA nano?? (???)), with so many uniquely interesting projects created, and a true supporter of the vaporwave community, we couldn't be more thrilled to be talking to him. So sit down with us as we explore the musicality that is Nanoshrine, from his different characters and costumes, the importance of VR in our world today, 3D animation and the intricacies within, while we wallow in the classic music that made us who we are today...


 2020-07-16  3h19m

episode 96: Trans World Airlines: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard TWA flight 443 with non-stop service to St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Today's flight time will be approximately 1 hour 4 minutes with clear skies enroute. Our inflight team will be coming through the cabin during the flight to talk about St. Louis style vaporwave, new live streams coming up in the future, and the influences of TWA...


 2020-07-14  1h3m

episode 95: Cosmic Cycler: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Cosmic Cycler joins Indy in the suite today. Join us for some excellent vaporwave, signalwave, and late night lofi (lnlf) conversations, as well as a dive into his work as an artist, his return to creating vaporwave, his incredible vaporwave label Gorgeous Lights, and much much more. Cosmic Cycler Discogs ( Show Topics: His new album: lights... ( Midnight Television (https://theinfinitipool...


 2020-07-12  2h8m

episode 94: b l u e s c r e e n : Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Cosy up in the suite with us as we sit down the magic man b l u e s c r e e n and dive into his work as a vaporwave artist and his label Sunset Grid! We also talk about early 90s life and design vs now, life in Australia, choice fatigue, human motivation, and much much more! Today's episode recorded in an underwater level. Sunset Grid | Twitter | LinkTree | Instagram | Discogs | Facebook ?CID.rar Instagram ( Show Topics: Death Mix on Mixcloud (https://www...


 2020-06-25  3h17m