Professional Goblins

Every other Thursday from 7:30PM to 9PM EST, RPG industry veterans Mike Myler, Savannah Broadway, and Scott Gladstein get together with a new guest to talk shop! We broadcast live so join the discussion at! SHOW FORMAT Product Review Favorite current character/Character Lessons Favorite project we are working on Favorite new project we aren't involved with PATHFINDER/STARFINDER News & Speculation D&D 5E News & Speculation Other RPG News Other Media of Interest Current Kickstarters Guest’s Topic!

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EPISODE 1: SOUP MOUNTAIN and the Polka Paladin

The very first episode of Professional Goblins with just Mike and Scott!


 2018-06-08  1h23m

episode 2: Episode 2: Michael McCarthy

Join us in Episode 2 as we talk with Michael McCarthy -- veteran game designer, regular Paizo freelancer, and the newly minted publisher of Straight Path Games! Throughout the discussion he reveals some tantalizing Starfinder RPG news, there are some brain slugs (SLAAAAAAAAAAAARSH), some of our favorite Patreons, and even a bombshell ghoul.


 2018-06-12  1h31m

episode 3: Episode 3: Jacob Blackmon!

Check out Episode 3 as we are joined by the prolific RPG illustrator Jacob Blackmon! After Cool Shredder and Batbro review THE WEALTH SYSTEM by Straight Path Games, we talk our favorite campaigns we're playing in (Jacob's kicking ass in a WoW Pathfinder game right now!), RPG news, and more!


 2018-06-12  1h34m

episode 4: Episode 4: Savannah Broadway!

This week we welcome the diabolical Savannah Broadway onto the show! We kick things off with a Batbro and Cool Shredder review of the SUPER POWERED BESTIARY by Jacob Blackmon and Rogue Genius Games, hear about Savannah's game of newbie Pathfinders, see the print proof of #2099Wasteland, bear witness to the coolness that is Aethera as well as an upcoming Contessa series of convention games where YOU run a drow restaurant, talk a lot of cool Paizo news as well as EN World, GURPS, and Warhammer40k...


 2018-06-12  1h38m

episode 5: Episode 5: Louis Porter Jr!

This week on the show we've got a YouTube star: Louis Porter Jr! ( We all had a good time jawing on so it's an extra long episode at 2 hours covering the following topics in varying density. Enjoy the show! **The audio in this episode is leveled off and should be less turbulent than previous shows. :D


 2018-06-12  1h54m

episode 6: Episode 6: D&D Movies and Goggs

As it sounds! We're joined in this episode by Goggs from Movie the Podcast.


 2018-06-12  1h49m

episode 7: Episode 7: Ryan Costello!

This week we're joined by Ryan Costello of Know Direction for an extra long episode that includes adorable kid interruptions, killer rabbits, TPKs, and all that other good stuff!


 2018-06-12  1h53m

episode 8: Episode 8: Naiche Washburn!

Naiche is a great artist and we were delighted that he could join us. :D


 2018-06-12  1h39m

episode 9: Episode 9: Deanna Roberts!

Guest host Savannah Broadway joins Scott to welcome Deanna Roberts to the show!


 2018-06-12  1h23m

episode 10: Episode 10: Liz Courts!

RPG industry jack-of-all-trades Liz Courts joins us on the show!


 2018-06-12  1h35m