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Every other Thursday from 7:30PM to 9PM EST, RPG industry veterans Mike Myler, Savannah Broadway, and Scott Gladstein get together with a new guest to talk shop! We broadcast live so join the discussion at! SHOW FORMAT Product Review Favorite current character/Character Lessons Favorite project we are working on Favorite new project we aren't involved with PATHFINDER/STARFINDER News & Speculation D&D 5E News & Speculation Other RPG News Other Media of Interest Current Kickstarters Guest’s Topic!

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episode 50: Episode 50: Jesse Jordan!

We talk RPGs with a new person unknown to us--Jesse Jordan! There's also quite a bit about Marvel comics and the MCU. So much speculation. SO MUCH SPECULATION!


 2018-09-11  1h28m

episode 51: Episode 51: RIFFTACULAR - SWAT Kats, Street Sharks, Biker Mice from Mars

Turn on your childhood television and get into some cartoons with us as we watch the first episodes of the classic 90s 'toons SWAT Kats, Street Sharks, and Biker Mice from Mars!


 2018-11-14  1h17m

episode 52: Episode 52: George "Loki" Williams

We sit down with New Orlean's lord of trickery for an hour and a half of RPG talk! Listen to us gawk at White Wolf, wonder at Paizo, contend about Wizards of the Coast, and generally chat up everything down the line for Pathfinder and D&D 5E.


 2018-11-20  1h26m

episode 53: Episode 53 - New Co-Host Christina Stiles!

Join us this week with new co-host Christina Stiles! Much talk about D&D 5E, new projects, Pathfinder, various bits of RPG news, and some other things. In 2 weeks we do our next show (3/7/2019) and will be switching things up so stay tuned! --

Favorite Character / Game you are currently in  / Character Lesson

-- Christina: Pathfinder sahuagin wereshark, Zarakeen. I want to eat that...


 2019-02-22  1h32m

episode 54: Episode 54 - Bogdan Constantinescu!

This week is another 3-person show as Christina and Scott welcome a designer from down under: Bogdan Constantinescu! Mike is *certain* they talked about a lot of good RPG stuff, particularly the guest's current (ending on 3/24/2019) Kickstarter: Grey Cells --> 


 2019-03-14  1h19m

episode 55: Episode 55 - SAVANNAH RETURNS!

Savannah is back on the show with us for this episode! :D

Links from the show notes:

  • ProJared WOTC sex scandal...


 2019-05-12  1h19m