Prog-Watch is a weekly podcast dedicated to bringing the listener contemporary Progressive Rock music and artist interviews from around the world.

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Prog-Watch 108 - Ayreon (Pt. 1)

The brain-child of Dutch guitar virtuoso and composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Ayreon is a band that all Proggers should appreciate! The guest lists on the albums read like a “who's who” of Prog and European heavy rock, which is a testimony to the...


 2014-09-10  1h0m

Prog-Watch 107 – IQ (Part 1):

Prog-Watch Episode 107 – IQ (Part 1): This week we feature the music of the legendary U.K. band, IQ! Many of the bands we have featured so far on Prog-Watch have listed IQ as an influence, and on this episode you can begin to get an idea why. With...


 2014-08-27  58m

Prog-Watch 106 - Bigelf

Prog-Watch Episode 106 – Bigelf: So, what do you get when you take one part Beatles, one part Uriah Heep, and one part Black Sabbath? Why, BIGELF, of course! With roots in late 60's Psychedelia and early 70's Heavy Prog, Bigelf has a unique sound...


 2014-08-13  47m

Prog-Watch 105 - Nine Stones Close

Named after a stone circle on Harthill Moor in the UK, Nine Stones Close can take you on an emotional roller coaster ride! The band is very much the brain child of Adrian Jones, a singer and guitarist whose playing may remind you a little of one...


 2014-07-29  45m

Prog-Watch 104 - Big Big Train

All Aboard! Get ready for a great ride this week as the Squatch and his co-host Steve Luttig bring you music from a fantastic UK band called Big Big Train! Winners of the Breakthrough Award at the 2013 Progressive Music Awards held in Kew Gardens in...


 2014-07-17  1h2m

Prog-Watch 103 - Moon Safari

This week's band is Moon Safari from Sweden. They have a lighter sound than the band's from the previous two episodes, with a greater emphasis on fantastic vocal harmonies. Also this week: Son-of-Prog-Squatch, Paul Rowsick, takes the co-host's seat...


 2014-07-02  48m

Prog-Watch 102 - Haken

This week the Squatch puts the spotlight on the heavy, symphonic, eclectic progressive stylings of UK band Haken! He also livens things up with his first guest host, Dave Luttig. So look for more analysis of the music, and a freer, more conversational...


 2014-06-18  46m

Prog-Watch 101 - Overhead

Meet your host-who-is-the-most, Big Tony Rowsick, alias the Prog-Squatch. In this episode the big, hairy host goes over some basic ground rules for the show, and discusses some hallmarks of Progressive Rock music. Then things get cooking with the...


 2014-06-04  45m