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Psychedelics Weekly – Investors Form REIT for Psychedelic Therapy, Diplo Runs a Marathon on LSD, and Is Cannabis a Psychedelic?

In this episode of Psychedelics Weekly, Joe calls in from Los Angeles to cover the week's news with David.  They review:  -Dr. Julie Holland's recent appearance on the The Cannabis Investing Podcast, where she discussed the concept of...



PT402 – Sunny Strasburg, LMFT – Magic, Virtual Reality, and Ketamine & Internal Family Systems

In this episode, David interviews : Clinical Director at TRIPP PsyAssist; psychedelic trainer, consultant, therapist, and writer, specializing in EMDR and Internal Family Systems, and offering ketamine-assisted therapy as well as ketamine therapy...



PT401 – Haley Maria Dourron – The Self-Entropic Broadening Theory: Understanding The Psychedelic State and Psychosis

In this episode, Joe interviews Ph.D. student in the Drug Use and Behavior Lab at the University of Alabama Birmingham, Haley Maria Dourron. She talks mostly about the paper she co-authored last year with Dr. Peter Hendricks and Camilla Strauss:...



Psychedelics Weekly – More Trouble For Field Trip Health, Ketamine Wellness Centers Abruptly Close, & The Creation of The Psychedelic Medicine PAC

In this episode of Psychedelics Weekly, Joe and Kyle are back at it, talking about news and what's going on at Psychedelics Today (applications for Vital close this Sunday, March 26, and we've just announced a new neuroscience course!). Following up...



PT400 – Neil Markey – Beckley Retreats: Combining Modern Science, Tradition, and Holistic Wellness

In this episode, Joe interviews the Co-Founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats, Neil Markey.  Markey describes Beckley Retreats as comprehensive well-being programs, and talks about the importance of holistic wellness – that, while the retreats are...



Psychedelics Weekly – Field Trip Health Closes Five Clinics, Legalization Bills Introduced in VT, and Ketamine Telehealth Uncertainty

In this episode of Psychedelics Weekly, Joe and Kyle join up once again to discuss the news and articles they found the most interesting this week.  They start with the business news everyone is talking about: Field Trip Health & Wellness closing...



PT399 – Bennet Zelner, Ph.D. & Giles Hayward – Vital Psychedelic Conversations

In this episode, David hosts another Vital Psychedelic Conversation, this time with Bennet Zelner, Ph.D.: Vital instructor who teaches economics at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business; and Giles Hayward: Vital student and Co-Founder of...



PT398 – Graham Hancock – Lost Civilizations, DMT Entities, & Altered States of Consciousness and Early Religion

In this episode, Joe interviews Graham Hancock: legendary bestselling author and writer and presenter of the new Netflix docuseries, "Ancient Apocalypse," where he travels the world looking for evidence of lost civilizations likely much more advanced...



Psychedelics Weekly – Drug-Free Digital Trips, The Prevalence of Challenging Experiences, and The End of Synthesis Institute

In this episode of Psychedelics Weekly, David is joined by Kyle, who is finally home after a lot of traveling, to talk shop and dig into the articles they found the most interesting this week.  They begin with the news that Paul Stamets now has a...



PT397 – Dr. Devon Christie & Emefa Boamah – Vital Psychedelic Conversations

In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, David interviews Vital instructor, Dr. Devon Christie: Senior Lead of Psychedelic Programs at Numinus, MAPS-certified MDMA therapist, and now four-time guest; and Vital student, Emefa Boamah: coach,...