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The Psych Files is a podcast for anyone who wonders why we do what we do. Experienced educator Michael Britt, Ph.D., in an upbeat and friendly style, shows you how ideas from the field of psychology apply to everyday life. If you’re a life-long learner, a student or a teacher, you’ll find his 20-30 minute episodes enjoyable and educational. Over 14 million episodes have been downloaded to date with over 100,000 people listening every month. See what all the talk is about!

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Episode 7: Blaming the Victim and other Biases

Are rape victims responsible for what happens to them? That is the question we examine this week. We look at blaming the victim and other attributional biases.


 2007-03-11  27m

Episode 6: The Negative Side of Positive Thinking

What could be bad about thinking positively? That is the question we examine this week on The Psych Files.


 2007-03-04  28m

Episode 9: How Do You Really Raise Self-Esteem? The Incredibles vs. American Idol

There has been a lot of talk about young people today having a self esteem that is too high. We take a look at this issue this week on The Psych Files.


 2007-03-02  24m

Episode 5: In Defense of Defense Mechanisms

Too many people dismiss Freud just because he, admittedly, had a few crazy ideas, but as I try to point out in this podcast, many of Freud’s ideas were very influential and can, with a little attention, be seen in everyday life.


 2007-02-25  20m

Episode 4 (video): On Birds Flocking and Opposites Attracting: the data on Love

Which saying is correct - do Birds of a Feather Flock together or do Opposites Attract? That’s the question we examine this week on the first video episode of The Psych Files.


 2007-02-19  18m

Episode 2: Rewards and Punishments

Join host Michael Britt in examining how rewards and punishments operate in our lives.


 2007-02-11  23m

Episode 3: Predictions, Predictions

Psychology in Everyday Life


 2007-02-11  26m

Episode 1: What this podcast is all about.

The first episode of The Psych Files.


 2007-01-23  10m