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Experts do the basics well

Tim Flynn and us years ago that experts do the basics well.  I thought I understood the what he meant, I didn't, but I'm starting to.


 2016-08-29  15m

Why I don't Think You Should Open a Business Straight Out of School

The temptation to create a brand and launch a company early on in your career is higher than ever possibly due to a combination of increasing debt and increasing ease of marketing via social media etc..  Here are a few reasons why I believe being...


 2016-08-28  13m

LIVE Q&A From South College Campus!

The first LIVE Q&A in #PTonICE history!  Broadcasting right from South College campus, these students had incredible questions on mentorship, branding, and how to move up the ladder.  Enjoy!


 2016-08-25  19m

To complain about it, or to change it. That my friends is the question

There are plenty of times we feel underwhelmed with different experience, how you respond to that makes all the difference in the world. Let's chat


 2016-08-24  12m

Specificity in manual therapy: Is it possible? Does it matter?

This morning on #PTonICE we highlight some key literature in an attempt to understand how specific we  an or can't be with manual therapy techniques, and whether it is really matters. 


 2016-08-24  18m

Over treatment of low back pain.....by physical therapists

Yes getting patients early is generally a good thing, but do we need to treat every single one we see?  Some thoughts in light of a recent JOSPT viewpoint and systematic review


 2016-08-23  16m

To complain about it, or to change it. That is the question

Through our journey there are inevitably things we want to see changed to be done better and differently.  Whether we are in a position to effect that change is an important variable in our career satisfaction 


 2016-08-23  12m

Friday Q&A: Do I recommend PT school, learning while busy, forming relationships with MDs

Great questions again this week!  My thoughts on how to form relationships with referral sources, the challenges of learning when clinic is crazy, and whether going to PT school is a good idea.  Let's do it!


 2016-08-19  18m

Minimizing confusion to maximize outcomes

A confused patient is a frustrated patient, and that is no good for the therapeutic alliance. Today we talk about a few key time points where you can greatly decrease patient confusion in an effort to maximize outcomes


 2016-08-18  18m

Self reflection needs to include your role on the team

Self reflection is great, but if it doesn't go far enough to include your skill set relative to the needs of the team, it's value diminishes greatly.  


 2016-08-17  9m