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Work Life Balance

Dr. Moore gives his honest thoughts on work life balance. Is it possible? Is it something you really want? Should we stop encouraging the next generation to pursue it?


 2016-05-04  17m

Patient expectations, thrust manipulation, and marketing

Patient Expectations play a key role in delivering consistenthigh quality outcomes.  This morning Dr. Jeff Moore talksabout how patient expectations in regard to thrust manipulation andour profession as a whole 


 2016-05-02  9m

Are live courses worth the extra effort?

The number of online continuing education options continues to increase.  This is exciting as it is a very convenient way to access high quality content.  Is the day of the live course coming to an end, or is there still a place for the...


 2016-04-28  16m

A few choice takeaways from Manipalooza

The annual Evidence In Motion Manipalooza lived up to the hype yet again. This morning Dr. Jeff Moore highlights a few takeaways from another weekend packed with learning


 2016-04-27  17m

Is there such a thing as good movement?

The question of whether or not there should be a movement standard has been a very popular and debated one recently. Dr. Moore chimes in with more questions than answers on #PTonICE this morning


 2016-04-26  16m

Should we leverage strengths or reinforce weaknesses ?

Dr. Moore takes on a question that is at the heart of much decision making in business, whether to double down on your strong suit or shore up the gaps in your game


 2016-04-19  15m

SFMA course review

Recently returned from the SFMA certification course Dr. Moore reflects on what was learned and how this system can change the way we practice


 2016-04-19  20m

Friday Q&A: When you are ready to take students, goal setting, and more

This morning on the Q&A we dove into all sorts of great topics from when to take on the role of being a clinical instructor, how to efficiently document, and what it takes to set actionable goals 


 2016-04-15  23m

Getting the most out of your clinical rotations

A great clinical rotation can completely change your ability to thrive as a new grad. Dr. Moore covers some key principles to making sure you get the most out of this precious time


 2016-04-14  17m

Tips to Improving Clinical Pattern Recognition

One component of expert practice is developing the ability to recognize patterns early on in the evaluation of a patient. While a watchful eye always needs to be on bias involved with using heuristics, excellent pattern recognition can significantly...


 2016-04-13  17m