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Population Health

Population health may be the single biggest opportunity for physical therapists in today's arena, the question is whether or not we are going to take advantage of it!


 2016-10-05  12m

Determining relevant from abnormal

Detecting abnormality is easy, detecting relevance is far more challenging, let's talk about the difference


 2016-10-04  8m

Just like patient care, teaching is not about you

Amazing how easy it is to make things about us, what WE want to use for an intervention, what WE want to teach.  But at the end of the day the student will get far more out of the experience if we understand where they are coming from....


 2016-09-28  11m

Knowing when NOT to crack someone's neck is expert practice

Dr. Lucy Thomas has put out a couple great articles that update our understanding of vascular dysfunciton/pathology, let's review them 


 2016-09-27  14m

Explain Less, Demonstrate More

A little less talk and a lot more action is a motto that could be employed with great success in both patient treatment and marketing strategies, we discuss. 


 2016-09-26  12m

Q&A 9.23: What I'd say to the entire profession in 90 seconds

Tough question from my friend and colleague Chris Hinze who asks "if you had the ear of everyone in the profession for 60-90 seconds what would you say"? Thank answer and more on today's episode 


 2016-09-26  15m

The truth will set us free

Speaking truth to power has never been easy, unfortunately there isn't another way to get the job done so let's get on it. 


 2016-09-22  9m

The merit of advertising the hard times

Marketing our accomplishments has value for sure, but so does marketing our ability to hang in there when times get tough.  


 2016-09-22  9m

A few thoughts on critical article analysis

You can't use current best evidence if you don't know how to interpret it.  This morning I offer a few thoughts on key things I look at while deciding how much to incorporate new research findings into practice. 


 2016-09-20  14m

How I answer the question "What does a physical therapist do?'

It's a tough one and an important one.  This morning I want to talk about a few things I would ask all of you to include in your answer to best represent our profession


 2016-09-19  12m