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The faculty of the Institute of Clinical Excellence deliver their specialized content every weekday morning. Topic areas include: Population health, fitness athlete management, evidence based spine and extremity care, older adults, community outreach, self development, and much more! Learn more about our team at www.PTonICE.com


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F ME Fridays Episode 1: F Words

Season 6 Episode 4


 2017-05-27  17m

 2017-05-26  13m

 2017-05-25  22m

 2017-05-24  6m

Season 6 Introduction

Jeff introduces the new format behind season 6 of PTonICE www.ice.physio  


 2017-05-22  7m

Want progress? Reach across the aisle

The way we go about consuming information in many ways dictates if and at what speed we move forward.  Selective trending and intentional diverse opinion gathering are key.  Enjoy


 2017-03-22  13m

Friday Q&A: How to avoid being overly self critical, how to deliver bad news, & more!

Wow this one got DEEP! We talk about how to be emotionally available to patient in hard times, how to avoid getting down on yourself as you try to improve,and so much more.  Incredible questions from the group!


 2017-03-17  24m

Thoughts on successfully restoring functional mobility

Patients often have mobility issues, the key to fully resolving them is giving them exactly what they need at a certain point in time.  Let's chat about phasing our patient's mobility problems


 2017-03-16  14m

Feedback: How to ask for it, receive it, and incorporate it

The foundation of mentoring rests on the ability of the student to accept and utilize feedback, yet this is a challenging skill that few if any people deliberately practice.  Let's open up the conversation 


 2017-03-15  20m

Great presentations balance inspiration with structure

To change behavior you must inspire, but to inspire and deliver a roadmap for action is an equal folly.  Enjoy


 2017-03-14  14m