Test & Code in Python

Topics include automated testing, testing strategy, software engineering practices, packaging, Python, pytest, data science, TDD, continuous integration, and software methodologies. Also anything I think helps make the daily life of a software developer more fun and rewarding. Hosted by Brian Okken.


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episode 176: SaaS Side Projects

The idea of having a software as a service product sound great, doesn't it? This episode discusses some of the hurdles from idea to first customer.



episode 175: Who Should Do QA?

Who should do QA? How does that change with different projects and teams? What does "doing QA" mean, anyway? Answering these questions are the goals of this episode.



episode 174: pseudo-TDD - Paul Ganssle

In this episode, I talk with Paul Ganssle about a fun workflow that he calls pseudo-TDD. Pseudo-TDD is a way to keep your commit history clean and your tests passing with each commit. This workflow includes using pytest xfail and some semi-advanced version control features.


 2021-12-22  39m

episode 173: Why NOT unittest?

unittest is an xUnit style framework, which makes it fatally flawed for software testing. This episode is my opinion of "Why NOT unittest?", or more broadly, "What are the fatal flaws of xUnit?"


 2021-12-17  23m

episode 172: Designing Better Software with a Prototype Mindset

A prototype is a a preliminary model of something, from which other forms are developed or copied. This episode is about growing better designed software with the help of a prototype mindset.


 2021-11-30  6m

episode 171: How and why I use pytest's xfail - Paul Ganssle

Paul Ganssle, is a software developer at Google, core Python dev, and open source maintainer for many projects, has some thoughts about pytest's xfail. He was an early skeptic of using xfail, and is now an proponent of the feature. In this episode, we talk about some open source workflows that are possible because of xfail.


 2021-11-22  38m

episode 170: pytest for Data Science and Machine Learning - Prayson Daniel

Prayson Daniel, a principle data scientist, discusses testing machine learning pipelines with pytest


 2021-11-18  45m

episode 169: Service and Microservice Performance Monitoring - Omri Sass

Performance monitoring and error detection is just as important with services and microservices as with any system, but with added complexity. Omri Sass joins the show to explain telemetry and monitoring of services and systems that use them.


 2021-11-11  30m

episode 168: Understanding Complex Code by Refactoring into Larger Functions

To understand complex code, it can be helpful to remove abstractions, even if it results in larger functions. This episode walks through a process I use to refactor code that I need to debug and fix, but don't completely understand.


 2021-11-02  11m

episode 167: React, TypeScript, and the Joy of Testing - Paul Everitt

Paul has a tutorial on testing and TDD with React and TypeScript. We discuss workflow and the differences, similarities between testing with React/TypeScript and Python.


 2021-10-22  36m