Test and Code

I focus on testing and process questions like “How do I know it works?”, “How do I effectively test?”, and the like. But really, anything in the software development realm is fair game.




recommended podcasts

      49: tox - Oliver Bestwalter

      tox is not just a tool to help you test a Python project against multiple versions of Python. In this interview, Oliver and Brian just scratch the surface of this simple yet powerful automation tool.



      48: A GUI for pytest

      The story of how I discovered the current best GUI to run pytest.



      47: Automation Panda - Andy Knight

      Interview with Andy Knight, the Automation Panda.



      46: Testing Hard To Test Applications

      How do you write tests for things that aren’t that easy to write tests for? Brian & Anthony get started answering this question.


       2018-09-02  42m

      45: David Heinemeier Hansson - Software Testing, TDD, and QA

      An interview with DHH about his views on software testing, TDD, and exploratory testing.


       2018-08-13  40m

      44: Mentoring - Nina Zakharenko

      Nina Zakharenko is a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft focusing on Python. We talk about her experience with mentoring, both being a mentor, and utilizing mentors.


       2018-07-21  26m

      Preparing for Technical Talks with Kelsey Hightower - bonus episode

      Kelsey Hightower answers a quick question about how he prepares for technical talks.


       2018-07-17  8m

      43: Kelsey Hightower - End to End & Integration Testing

      "You cannot compromise on integration tests." Kelsey Hightower expands on this idea to discuss real world testing of complicated systems.


       2018-07-05  41m

      42: Using Automated Tests to Help Teach Python - Trey Hunner

      This interview with Trey Hunner discusses his use of automated tests to help teach programming.


       2018-06-28  58m

      41: Testing in DevOps and Agile - Anthony Shaw

      We talk with Anthony Shaw about some of the testing problems facing both DevOps teams, and Agile teams. We also talk about his recent pull request accepted into pytest.


       2018-04-18  44m