Test & Code in Python

Topics include automated testing, testing strategy, software engineering practices, packaging, Python, pytest, data science, TDD, continuous integration, and software methodologies. Also anything I think helps make the daily life of a software developer more fun and rewarding. Hosted by Brian Okken.


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episode 19: 19: Python unittest with Robert Collins

Python's unittest module, advanced features, comparison to pytest, future features, and more.


 2016-06-15  40m

episode 18: 18: Testing in Startups and Hiring Software Engineers with Joe Stump

In this epsiode, I interview with Joe Stump, cofounder of Sprintly, to give the startup perspective to development and testing.


 2016-04-20  53m

episode 17: 17: The Travis Foundation

Interview with Laura Gaetano from The Travis Foundation


 2016-04-11  26m

episode 16: 16: Welcome to Test and Code

I'm changing the name from the "Python Test Podcast" to "Test & Code".


 2016-03-31  8m

episode 15: 15: Lean Software Development

An introduction to Lean Software Development


 2016-03-09  10m

episode 14: 14: Continuous Integration with Travis CI – Josh Kalderimis

TravisCI is a Continuous Integration service and a pretty cool company


 2016-02-25  58m

episode 13: 13: Ian Cordasco – Betamax

Interview with Ian Cordasco


 2016-02-17  20m

episode 12: 12: Coverage.py with Ned Batchelder

We also discuss edX, Python user groups, PyCon talks, and more.


 2016-02-10  40m

episode 11: 11: pytest assert magic

How pytest, unittest, and nose deal with assertions


 2016-02-04  13m

episode 10: 10: Test Case Design using Given-When-Then from BDD

It doesn’t matter if you are using pytest, unittest, nose, or something completely different, this episode will help you write better tests.


 2016-01-31  20m