Test & Code in Python

Topics include automated testing, testing strategy, software engineering practices, packaging, Python, pytest, data science, TDD, continuous integration, and software methodologies. Also anything I think helps make the daily life of a software developer more fun and rewarding. Hosted by Brian Okken.


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episode 7: 7: The Waterfall Model and “Managing the Development of Large Software Systems”

A look at the software development lifecycle we all love to hate.


 2015-10-22  29m

episode 6: 6: Writing software is like nothing else

There are lots of analogies for software testing, but none of them quite fit.


 2015-10-21  6m

episode 5: 5: Test Classes: No OO experience required

Test Classes: No OO experience required


 2015-09-23  7m

episode 4: 4: Test Fixtures: Setup, Teardown, and so much more

Test fixtures make your test code easier to write and results easier to read.


 2015-09-11  13m

episode 3: 3: Why test?

Business, personal, and pragmatic day to day benefits of incorporating automated testing into your development process.


 2015-09-02  26m

episode 2: 2: Pytest vs Unittest vs Nose

Choosing a test framework


 2015-08-20  12m

1: What to expect from the Python Test Podcast

Audience, Goals, Categories, and Topics to be covered in future episodes.


 2015-08-11  14m