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Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to grow their business exponentially and how to experience more freedom, joy and peace in your business and in your life.!


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episode 237: How to Step Out of the Hustle and Double Your Sales Part 2

Today we have part two of how to step out of the hustle and double your sales. We had so much fun doing part one. It literally felt like we talked for 30 seconds, but it was 30 minutes, and we covered so much...



episode 236: How to Step Out of the Hustle and Double Your Sales Part 1

Is it really possible to work less and still double our income? This is what Rebekkah and I are going to be discussing in our two-part series on stepping out of our side hustle and still doubling our sales income. Back in the early days they taught us the only way to get ahead was to work all the time and then do a little bit more. In other words “ABC - always be closing”...



episode 235: How Working Less Can Help You Make More Money

I have always been in sales, marketing and executive management but for almost 20 years now I have been in my own business as a coach. During this time what both myself and my partner Rebekkah have noticed is people working really hard on things that don't move their business forward. I’m talking about doing a lot of busy work that only leaves you feeling stuck where you are...


 2022-08-16  28m

episode 234: How to have Quantum Revenue Expansion in the Digital World

In today’s digital age, your company's success hinges on its ability to expand rapidly and consistently. Quantum Revenue Expansion means you're constantly growing through the acquisition of new customers and diversifying your reach into new markets. Both are essential for entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the curve in today's competitive landscape. Welcome my guest and digital marketing executive and strategist, Jessica Coenen...


 2022-08-02  40m

episode 233: Turning the Tables: Tena Pettis Interviews ME About UpLevel NOW!

This week on Quantum Revenue Expansion I'm turning the tables and having my good friend, business owner and podcast host Tena Pettis interview me. We all know her and love her. She's been on this show many times and recently had me on her podcast “Tena Talks”. It was a conversation full of so many great questions about my new book “UpLevel Now”, sales, how to scale both your business and your money, that I wanted to share it with you here on my show...


 2022-07-26  49m

episode 232: Up Level Your Business with Google

For those of you who haven't heard Michael Tritthart’s first interview, we talked a lot about his business, its growth and his life as a coach in many forms. I would invite you to definitely go back and listen to that episode because it is where we really laid the foundation of SEO and Google...


 2022-07-19  44m

episode 231: The American Experience at Risk, the Role of Women & How to Grow a Successful Non-Profit

We live in a world that is so connected and yet at the same time one of the most disconnected. So how do we connect with, support and help one another in ways that will ensure a better future? Of course there is always the option of starting a nonprofit space but the work to get the systems and processes up and running to a level where we are making an impact is huge...


 2022-07-12  36m

episode 230: How To Sell With Confidence Part 2

I really wanted to do this 2 part series because I believe it's the core of everything that I teach and it's fun to go back to my roots of sales and sales camp. But even more than that, it's a fundamental piece of business. So if you're struggling with selling, or if you're finding that all the negativity floating around in the world right now is pulling you off your game “How to Sell With Confidence” might just be the thing you need to bring your confidence back...


 2022-07-05  30m

episode 229: How To Sell With Confidence Part 1

What you don’t see when you look at me today is how much I disliked everything about sales when I first started. Everything about it was painful to me. It felt forced. It felt salesy. It felt like I was calling people who didn't want what I offered. However, it was in those beginning days where I learned what it took to be a good salesperson, how to sell with confidence, and‌ that sales could actually be fun and easy...


 2022-06-28  29m

episode 228: Total College Prep - Helping Students Get Accepted Not Rejected To Their Dream School

Transitioning from highschool to university can be overwhelming, leaving our children lost in the shuffle of big change. As parents, we want what is best for them, but it is not always as black and white as choosing a school based on its name or historical significance. The stats show that 80% of students change their major in the first year of school with another 50% changing it at least one more time beyond that...


 2022-06-21  39m