Queens of Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons & Drag Queens come together in original comedy adventures! Join us for a legendary journey that combines flash and fantasy, death drops and death saves, and queer friends saving the world in the shade of the great queens and old gods! Queens of Adventure is an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons story starring Seattle drag artists and special guests from the local drag & burlesque community.


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 2019-11-15  54m

episode 39: Season 1 Ep 35 - The Sealed City

Our heroes have delved into the Underdark to seek the aid of legendary cursed warriors. But, in the sealed city, will they find allies or annihilation? Meanwhile the voice in Arson's head pursues its own inscrutable agenda. Music from https://filmmusic.io: “Backbay Lounge”, "Crypto", "Long Note One", “Long Note Four” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


 2019-11-01  1h3m

episode 39: Special - Live at PAX 2019

We’re on the road this week so we’re bringing you a bonus episode! This adventure was recorded live in the Sasquatch theater at PAX West 2019. It’s a standalone one shot adventure, so you can enjoy it even if you aren’t caught up with the rest of the podcast...


 2019-10-16  1h16m

episode 38: Season 1 Ep 34 - Legs for Days

Arson, Butylene, Fraya, Irene, & Lamont have broken the ancient seal that has long protected the island from the cursed creatures of the Underdark. As our heroes penetrate deeper into the depths below, they soon discover that they are not alone. A mysterious voice continues pick Arson's brain from within, and a hungry Xorn is eager to make a deal. They've been warned of spiders ahead. And boy howdy, are there spiders ahead. Music from https://filmmusic...


 2019-10-05  51m

episode 37: Season 1 Ep 33 - Do Not Open

Now is the winter of our discount tent. Arson Nicki, Butylene O'Kipple, Fraya Love, Irene Dubois, and Lamont DuPont IV delve deeper into the Underdark where they encounter a mysterious house on a hill and make a series of discoveries that might have something to do with drag. Music from https://filmmusic.io: “Black Vortext”, "Long Note One", "Magic Scout", "Myst on the Moors", "Oppressive Gloom", &“Severe Tire Damage“ by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech...


 2019-09-20  53m

episode 36: Season 1 Ep 32 - Underwehere?

Underdark ahoy! Our heroes follow Arson’s visions to a warm crack where they’re welcomed by unfamiliar flesh. Music from https://filmmusic.io: “Backbay Lounge”, “Severe Tire Damage“ by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


 2019-09-05  54m

episode 35: Season 1 Ep 31 - Goodbye Glamazons

The time has come for our heroes to bid farewell to Glamalala, city of memory, the place in the beautiful place. But will their parting be sweetness or sorrow? Will there be a righteous reckoning with Ranger Richard? Will crabby creatures cramp their collective caboose? And what does all this mean for new companion, Irene? Music from https://filmmusic.io: “Clash Defiant”, “Pepper's Theme“, “Sincerely“ by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons...


 2019-08-22  1h3m

episode 34: Season 1 Ep 30 - A Taste of the Taint

With only ten days remaining until the destruction of Fire Island, our heroes are on the verge of completing their Glamazon training. All that remains is one final challenge that sees the group cast as battle maidens standing against shady forces in a historical reenactment. Will Bootie & the Hofish come out on top, or will they succumb to the power of the terrible taint? Music from https://filmmusic...


 2019-08-08  1h14m

episode 33: Season 1 Ep 29 - Glamazon Pride

Tonight the Glamazons celebrate their city’s endurance with a festival honoring the lost queens of the great houses. Our heroes join in the fun. But, will the illicit activities of the previous night catch up with them? Will Fraya find some clothes? Does she want to? These questions and more are yours for the asking!


 2019-07-27  59m

episode 32: Season 1 Ep 28 - The Pup That Didn't Bark

Join Arson, Butylene, Fraya, and Irene for a most curious case of a canine in the night. Back in the Glamadrome, our heroes puzzle their way through a historical predicament. A miserable malefactor has pup-napped a prized pooch. A Pomeranian? Perhaps! Can the gang crack the case by using every skill on their (diegetic) character sheet? Or, will they resort to magic or violence and blow the whole shebang!? Only my hairdresser knows for sure, and they aren’t talking...


 2019-07-10  58m