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Join Atlantic political correspondent Isaac Dovere on the road each week as he reports from around the country on the politics, policies, and personalities that are defining this crucial moment in American history. Each week brings you an intimate and surprising conversation with the names you know and names you may not know—but should.

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The Manifest Destiny of Mike Pence

McKay Coppins joins the show to discuss how U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has intertwined his faith with his ambition, and what his rise tells us about American politics today.


 2017-12-08  54m

The Great Recession, One Decade Later

In December 2007, the U.S. saw the start of its longest recession since World War II. What lessons have we learned in the intervening decade, and which are we doomed to repeat?


 2017-12-01  46m

John Wayne, Donald Trump, and the American Man

For generations, Hollywood has defined what masculinity means in the U.S. Stephen Metcalf and Megan Garber join our hosts to discuss what lessons our male screen icons have taught us.


 2017-11-24  50m

How an American Neo-Nazi Was Made

Luke O'Brien and Rosie Gray join our hosts to discuss the radicalization of Andrew Anglin, and how far-right extremism is evolving.


 2017-11-17  33m

The Press and the Election of 2016: One Year Later

Four Atlantic editors reflect on the anniversary of Donald Trump's election upset, and how it informs their work looking ahead.


 2017-11-10  37m

Khizr Khan on What Patriotism Requires

On what it means to stand for America, and to sacrifice for it


 2017-11-03  58m

Reporting on Open Secrets, with Jodi Kantor and Katie Benner

Allegations of sexual harassment (and more) by powerful men in numerous industries are leading news reports across America. Does this represent a culmination, or a broader culture shift?


 2017-10-27  48m

Why Do Happy People Cheat?

And what can infidelity teach us about commitment? Jeff, Alex, and Matt talk with Esther Perel, author of "The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity," and host of the podcast "Where Should We Begin?"


 2017-10-20  49m

Derek Thompson and the Moonshot Factory

Inside the secretive lab where Google's parent company is researching advanced technology


 2017-10-13  50m

The Miseducation of Ta-Nehisi Coates

In three one-on-one interviews, our national correspondent talks about his career, his community, and his country.


 2017-10-06  1h24m