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episode 1108: Radio Sentai Castranger [372] Character Development Week

This week on Castranger everybody's going through character growth! Ikki and Vice become aibous, Stacey finally pulls the trigger on switching sides, but something isn't blowing the right way, and we discuss how Marvelous met his childhood hero, a superh...



episode 1107: Radio Sentai Castranger [371] Dry Hot Tub

The Four Casters this week assemble to explore Julio's backstory, the debut of Volcano Rex, how Zyuran saved all of the Jellicle Cats, and the terror that is Vice, Duck Genome.  Casters Present:  Blue Gray Gold Orange  Show Notes:



episode 1106: Radio Sentai Castranger [370] Mexican Stamp-Off

It's the first episode of 2022! All Four Main Casters are here to talk about the last two episodes of Rider and Sentai and HOO BOY what a group of episodes they are. Revice wraps up its first major plot arc and hints at some weirdness yet to come. Zenkai...



episode 1104: Radio Sentai Castranger [368] Toku Fukawa?

Ichi finally surfaces from Final Fantasy XIV long enough to get this Double Episode Special in the can. Revice debuts Kamen Rider Jeanne and Revi Barid Rex Genome, George says funny things and schemes happen. Meanwhile, one ep of Zenkaiger presents a pot...


 2021-12-11  1h16m

episode 1103: Radio Sentai Castranger [367] Geek Power

Gar joins Ichi and Lane over Discord in place of Emily as we discuss the almost-debut of Kamen Rider Janine, how Vroom blows himself the fuck up, and the Fourze Sentai... er, I mean High School Heroes.  Casters Present:  Blue Gray Gold  Show Notes: https...


 2021-11-27  1h51m

episode 1102: Radio Sentai Castranger [366] The Revenge of Precurary

You asked, and it's finally time for us to talk about Pretty Cure again. But first, we discuss the debut of Kamen Rider Live, and the reveal to Kaito of Hakaizer's identity! Finally, can this tropical-themed Pretty Cure hold everyone's interest?   Caster...


 2021-11-20  1h26m

episode 1101: Radio Sentai Castranger [365] Metsuboujindie

Ichi and Lane are here this week to yell at the Vulcan and Valkyrie movie which was somehow equal parts awesome and disappointing.  Casters Present:  Blue Gray  Show Notes: Required Viewing: Zero-One Others: Kamen R...


 2021-11-13  57m

episode 1100: Radio Sentai Castranger [364] The Brothers Don and Igarashi

Jerry fills in for Lane and Gar this week, joining Ichi and Emily. We discuss the new Sentai trademark, the new OOO Movie, how Kagerou was spawned, Zenkaiger's Halloween treats, and how Yodonna Got Her Groove Back (Again).  Casters Present:  Blue Orange ...


 2021-11-06  1h19m

episode 1099: Radio Sentai Castranger [363] Evil Deadmans

What? Five Casters?! It's true! We discuss the "debut" of Kamen Rider Evil, or at least his henshin, and Revice Kong Genome, the Zenkaigers go Back to School, and we discuss the Adventures of Dr. Hibiki, aka the Skullman prologue special. Casters Present...


 2021-10-30  1h31m

episode 1098: Radio Sentai Castranger [362] My Chemical Revice

Lane's back, Ichi's router is up and running, and Emily's with us as well. With Extra! Extra! dead, Ichi attempts the new, more truncated News Mode before we get into this week's Double Episode Special. Revice Megalodon Genome sort of, while we deal with...


 2021-10-23  1h41m