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episode 971: Extra! Extra! Castranger [242] Don't Close That Tab!

Lane's away for his birthday, Emily can't join because our internet is out, which also means no audience, but the show must go on! Ichi managed to get the news links while it was temporarily working and now must fight his instincts to close each tab afte...



episode 956: Radio Sentai Castranger [300] Have We Really Been Doing It This Long?

Oh mannn you guys, we've hit another hundo-milestone! And what a week to do so, as we discuss the debuts of both Kamen Rider Ark-Zero and KiramaSilver. In lieu of a normal feature topic, we answer a fresh round of questions submitted by our discord fans!...



episode 961: Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [126] Something About Mar-Z

Originally Recorded: Friday June 5th, 2020 Man, what a way to start off the fourth season of Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger!! This season starts off with our longest episode to date! We catch up on the latest news, some good, some amazing, and some upsetting. ...



episode 960: Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [125] The Final Tiga Time (Part 2)

Originally Recorded: Friday May 15th, 2020. Well..we made it. It’s Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger’s 3rd Year Anniversary!! Oh my goodness, i can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we started doing the show. For this special occasion, we decided to talk ...



episode 959: Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [124] The Final Tiga Time (Part 1)

Originally Recorded: Thursday May 7th, 2020. Only one show left to finish up here of the third season of Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger; Ultraman Tiga!! Instead of doing all of Tiga in one episode, we thought it would be better to split the Ultraman Tiga final...



episode 958: Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [123] Buddy, Steady, Farewell

Originally Recorded: Wednesday April 29th, 2020. The End of Season 3 is upon us!! The Ultra-Casters set news to the sideline for the next three episodes, as they start to finish the last two shows they have in their roster. Up first, 2019’s Ultra Series’...



episode 957: Kaiju Sentai Ultraranger [122] He was Horii-fied

Originally Recorded: Thursday April 16th, 2020. Hey you! Do you want to hear us talk about Ultraman Z!?! Well you’re in luck, because half of this episode is nothing but us talking about all the news we had at the time featuring Ultraman Z!! An the other...



episode 955: Extra! Extra! Castranger [241] Gord Ark-Zero

Our Casters get together to discuss some awesome reveals. Kamen Riders Naki and Ark-One, Gigant Driller, and some neat upcoming figuart releases. Oh, and what's this really cool piece of apparel?   Casters Present:  Blue Gray Gold Orange Red  YouTube Ver...



episode 953: Radio Sentai Castranger [299] POOF Magic Bracelet

Paul joins us, for part of the episode anyways, as we begin the uphill march of catching up on Rider and Sentai now that Super Hero Time has returned to the airwaves. Ichi summarizes the interesting bits of the filler specials, then we get introduced to ...



episode 954: Extra! Extra! Castranger [240] You Hold The Butt

Paul's here and Lane is threatening us with a Fortnite shotgun as we go over this week's news. Kamen Rider learns what branding is, a new evil Ryusoulger, Gatack got married, a Build toy nobody asked for, and yet more apparel and accessories! Casters Pre...