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episode 139: Absolutely Fantabulous

It’s Suntory Time as we review whatever that Harley Quinn film is called this week, plus we talk Sam Raimi’s Tin Cup, and give you a sneak preview on this year’s most anticipated comic: Strange Adventures. SHOW NOTES: 00.00 Intro & News...



episode 138: Long Boxes and Long Faces

This one’s an emotional rollercoaster. Larry has his heart broken, Mitch almost gets “excited” about Doctor Who, and Lucas talks holding hands at the movies. Plus we preview Jonathan Hickman’s new blockbuster comic Decorum, and review the 2011...



episode 137: Best Books of the Decade

We name our best comics of the decade, interview the delightful Jess Parker about her new book The New Guards, and rank the hottest Riddlers. Why WOULDN'T you want to listen to this episode? SHOW NOTES: 00:00 Intro 02:31 Jess Parker interview 03:12...


 2020-01-18  2h38m

episode 136: Sir Ian McKellen Drinks A Bowl Of Milk

In our post-New Year's stupor, we kick back for a relaxed, no format chat about a truckload of current books, Mitch's thoughts on Rise of Skywalker, and Larry's brave decision to see Cats. SHOW NOTES: Your idea is as good as ours, but we do review...


 2020-01-05  2h17m

episode 135: Surprise

Here's something we found under the tree.


 2019-12-24  12m

episode 134: Uteedi

It’s an all-screen spectacular as we wrap up Watchmen, catch up on The Mandalorian, and review The Rise of Skywalker. Plus possibly the most avant garde music break ever on the podcast.


 2019-12-22  1h48m

episode 133: Rad Lounge Awards 2019

It's comics night of nights for another year as we count down the best books for 2019.


 2019-12-07  1h48m

episode 132: Maclunkey

Lots of news this ep as we talk the proudest moment of the Disney Plus launch, the future of the DC streaming service and Henry Cavill's future with Superman. Then we get unusually grumpy in reviews, and go on a Comics Kontiki Tour... maybe?


 2019-11-24  2h7m

episode 131: We Watches The Watchmen

We’re not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with us. Unless you just don’t bother downloading. But then you’ll miss us talking all things Watchmen, from the original comic through prequels, sequels, movie and now the TV series....


 2019-11-10  2h4m

episode 130: Flex Mentallo Is Our Spirit Animal

X-ray specs, sea monkeys, prizes and cash, this episode has it all as we take a stroll back through the ads of vintage comics. Plus more X-arguments, some spooky comics reviews for Halloween and possibly the strangest Hulk comic ever.


 2019-10-27  2h1m