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episode 111: Hitting The Jackpot, Tiger

It’s a momentous show as we have perhaps our last ever episode of Affleck Offlick, #Lettergate reaches its conclusion AND we celebrate Valentine’s Day by picking once and for all comics’ greatest couple. Plus a heap of other news, reviews, and...



episode 110: No Justice, Just Us

Court is in session as we make our accusations for the great comic book crimes. If by "great crimes" you mean petty grudges. Plus #Lettergate, news, reviews, dreams, you name it...



episode 109: Identity Crisis

We're back for 2019! Everyone's on a Spider-Man high at the moment, so we're picking our favourite Spidey comics runs for you to revisit. Plus reviews - including the first book in Bendis's new Wonder Comics line, Young Justice. And we talk the end of...


 2019-01-13  1h49m

episode 108: Who F#@ked A Fish?

Look, we won’t lie. This one gets a little loose as we have a drink and say farewell to our co-host Dave, while talking Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse, doppelgängers, Larry’s time displacement, and a bunch of comics new and old.


 2018-12-30  2h49m

episode 107: The Rad Lounge Awards 2018!

Here it is, the biggest event of the comics year - the Rad Lounge Awards for 2018! We celebrate the dozens of amazing comics that came out this year, as we name our Top 5 books. Then, at 1 hour 48 minutes, things get weird.


 2018-12-16  2h32m

episode 106: Dark Corners

This ep we share our favourite comics crossovers, investigate Gary Coleman’s influence on 90s comics, talk crying in cafes, ask how DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is actually a show on television, and chat about horror storytelling with Tatiana...


 2018-12-01  1h43m

episode 105: True Believers

Want an in-depth discussion about the life and legacy of Stan Lee? ‘Nuff said. Unless you also want talk about premeditated double denim, the hairstyles of Kurt Russell, and comics that have made us mad, in which case we have that too this episode.


 2018-11-17  2h14m

episode 104: The Devil Made Us Do It

Halloween may be over but you'll still have a devilish time this episode, as we talk the new Netflix series of Daredevil and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and do some spoooooooky comic reviewing. Plus a dream - and a brand new segment!


 2018-11-04  2h28m

episode 103: Fool's Gold

We’d like to say this episode is about comics but it’s more about Doogie Howser, summer flings and bad New Years Eve experiences. But we do sneak in reviews of a few new comics not to miss, and we review the 2 surefire disasters of this year,...


 2018-10-21  1h59m

episode 102: Legends of the Dark Knights

We pay tribute to the late, great Norm Breyfogle and Carlos Ezquerra, two titans whose art was synonymous with Batman and Judge Dredd. And we chime in on Bendis’s new line of teen comics, along with a ton of other news coming out of New York...


 2018-10-07  1h15m