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episode 122: Mitchy Tingle

We review Spider-Man: Far From Home, talk the horror of DC’s horror publishing strategy, pick the best Black Cat stories ever, and give a farewell salute to Willie Tanner. Plus much, much more.



episode 121: Winged Freaks & Wonderful Toys

The death of Vertigo came too late to talk about this episode. Instead we spend our time discussing a 30 year old Batman movie and nearly 30 year old X-Men series which still obsess pop culture. We’ll leave you to decide whether those two facts are...



episode 120: King of the Rad Loungers

It's reunion season as another old friend returns, as we talk Godzilla: King of the Monsters, great licensed comics, the future of Vertigo Comics... and our new website obsession.


 2019-06-09  1h54m

episode 119: Fully Poseable

If you’re in the mood for big opinions, then this is the episode for you. Truth in comics marketing, the future of Batman on screen and on the page, the Dukes Of Hazzard - we’re taking on all the big guns. Plus talking about the oddest action...


 2019-05-25  2h17m

episode 118: Nonnoncanonical

This episode our young whippersnapper work-experience kid joins us, as we dive deep inside covers to pick our favourites ever. Plus the latest trailers have us trying to get our heads around a Marvel Cinematic Multiverse, Sonic the Hedgehog's teeth,...


 2019-05-12  2h13m

episode 117: Game Over, Man!

Surprise! It’s an early Radioactive Lounge, as we rush back to the mic to give you our thoughts on the biggest comic book movie ever, Avengers Endgame. Plus death threats, birthday heartbreak, Italian horror comics, and the comics we’d put in our...


 2019-04-28  2h52m

episode 116: Free Comics & Daddy Issues

This ep we give you a spoiler-free review of all the books you don't want to miss at Free Comic Book Day, and we talk daddy issues: Rey's, Mitch's, and Hellboy's, as we get into our feelings about the Big Red Guy's latest cinematic outing.


 2019-04-21  2h14m

episode 115: No, the other one

This episode we review our second Captain Marvel movie in a month, we ask if Detective Comics #1000 measures up to Action Comics #1000, and we inaugurate our first official Rad Lounge nemesis.


 2019-04-07  1h57m

episode 114: Good Bois

Stan Lee said every comic is someone’s first. Well good luck if this is your first Rad Lounge... We talk superpets, swingers parties and some very weird dreams. We’re a comics podcast apparently.


 2019-03-24  2h44m

episode 113: Smells Like Kree Spirit

It’s nothing but nineties this episode as we talk Captain Marvel, Luke Perry, 90210 handshakes, and an embarrassing photo from Lucas’s past. Plus reviews of a couple of great new Marvel releases and a local graphic novel celebrating the life of...


 2019-03-09  1h49m