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My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 18

This week I continue my rants regarding the Ultimate Fighter as well as the value of limited edition games. Along with the typical subject matter that is a part of the show.


 2009-11-07  2h17m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 17

Netflix on the PS3 the next missile fired in the console wars,The Ultimate Fighter,WWE Bragging Rights, and much more get talked about this week. I lose my cool with UFC judges and show my frustration with Rampage Jackson all on this fun filled episode


 2009-11-01  2h29m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 16

We'll be discussing the impact of digital distribution a well as Comic-Con along with some of the usual topics. Four episodes away from # 20.


 2009-10-26  2h21m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 15

This weeks episode is being recorded with new gear which I hope improves the overall sound of the show.I will continue last weeks roundtable discussion on the overuse of sexuality in video games.


 2009-10-17  2h30m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 14

After last week's dynamite show it's back to business as usual. I'll be talking MMA, Some Wrestling, Video Games and Movies.It's time to get dialed in folks!!! Enjoy The Ride!


 2009-10-09  2h29m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 13- The Deadliest Episode

Max Geiger & Geoff Desmoulin from the Deadliest Warrior join me  to discuss this deadliest warrior season one as well as share a few nuggets of info from season two. Max & Geoff answered questions from the fans and shared some great stories and info.


 2009-10-04  2h30m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 12

This weeks was dedicated to my co-worker who lost his battle with cancer.
We discussed MMA,Wrestling, A lot of Game & Movie news.
I introduced the round table discussion which will be ongoing depending on how many people call in.
Enjoy Episode 12


 2009-09-28  2h24m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 11

MMA news
Wrestling News
Video Game  News
Movie News
= My Take Radio Episode 11


 2009-09-23  2h30m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 10

Show 10 starts off with a bang and then ventures into weird territory with stupid audio problems. It seems blog talk radio decided to do maintenance while I was broadcasting. My apologies for the poor quality.


 2009-09-11  2h30m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 9

Intro Music- Castlemania
You can download the track at OCRemix...


 2009-09-04  2h30m