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My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 39-Larry Oji & Austin Creed

I was joined this week by former TNA superstar Austin Creed aka Consequences Creed as well as OCRemix judge Larry Oji. We discussed Austin’s wrestling career and also picked his brain on wrestling in general. Austin being a fan of OCRemix.org had a lot of questions for Larry as well. Larry being a wrestling fan brought his knowledge out on this episode and asked some really great questions. It made my job easier hahaha...


 2010-04-24  2h30m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 38-Deadliest Warrior Returns To MTR

This week I welcomed back Max Geiger, Geoff Desmoulin and joining them as well for the 1st time Dr. Armand Dorian. We discussed some of things views can expect from this new season of Deadliest Warrior.  I also covered our usual MMA,Wrestling,Video Game and Movie news. 
Here links to each of the guys respective projects. Stop by and show your support 
Max Geiger- Currently working on an independent game-GiantSparrow.com


 2010-04-17  2h2m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 37-Razor Rob McCullough

This week I had the privledge of speaking to TUF 11 Team Punishment assistant coach and former WEC lightweight champion Razor Rob McCullough. We discussed this season's TUF as well as UFC 112. In addition I discussed our usual topics and took some calls. Visit MyTakeRadio.com 
Guest Link: Razorclothing.tv


 2010-04-09  2h18m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 36-MMA Roundtable

This week I was joined by fellow MMA talk show hosts Turk & Gary from Blog Talk Radio show MMA Gospel as well as MMA blogger & journalist Josh from MMAValor.com. We discussed all the events that the UFC held for the month of March. From UFC on VS all the way to this weeks season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter.


 2010-04-04  2h20m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 35-VGN & TwT Invasion

Once again the BTR issues continued to plague My Take Radio. Luckily it wasnt as bad as before and I was able to salvage the show. I was joined this week by Kevin Baird from Video Game News Radio & Don Anderson from Tumblin With Tumbleweed. We ran a marathon for this broadcast due to sound issues and time constraints but overall it was a great appearance by Kev & Don. Can’t wait to have them back. Here are some of the things that were discussed...


 2010-03-19  2h20m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 34

This episode was one of my favorites and sadly a large portion of it was lost due to some equipment issues with the Blog Talk Radio service. As a result of the equipment failure I only have 67 minutes of the show. Initially I only had 4 minutes. I am hoping that the full episode will be recovered in the near future.I apologize if you were unable to listen live.


 2010-03-17  1h8m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 33

I started this weeks episode pretty tame but my composure slowly unraveled over the course of the broadcast. Here are some of the things that were discussed

UFC on VS was discussed

UFC PPV events

Andrei Arlovski returns to Strikeforce

Strikeforce on CBS

James Toney signs with the UFC and will trained for MMA by Juanito Ibarra...


 2010-03-06  1h55m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 32

Coming off the momentum of last weeks show there were tons of things to discuss. MMA talk covered UFC 110 as well as some talk about the Frank Mir incident. Wrestling news covered WWE NXT as well the Elimination Chamber PPV. Gaming talked was rage filled as usual with gripes about the state of online play on the PS3 and the Wii. Also gave my impression on the DSi XL and the impact it has on the e-reader market. Last but not least were the movies news for this week...


 2010-02-26  2h5m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 31-GirlGamer.com Edition

I am joined by Angel Thanatos & Joanna "Joylia" Hiroi from Girlgamer.com to chat about some games as well as some X10 news. Also I will discuss the death of ECW and this weekend's UFC PPV. Gonna be a wild one.


 2010-02-20  2h29m

My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 30

This week I discuss the current state of MMA as well as pro wrestling. Movie news are chock full of rants as usual with some notable exceptions. I also discuss the rumors surrounding the Captain America film as well as Christopher Nolan's involvement with Superman. Last but not least I also take calls regarding Microsoft's FFXIII bundle which includes a 250 gig hard drive and how that impacts gamers.


 2010-02-16  1h46m