Raktajino and Root Beer

Every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reviewed, from the pilot to finale.


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71. Far Beyond the Stars; One Little Ship

Sisko gets to the heart of science fiction; one little ship on a silly trip.


 2018-02-16  31m

70. Waltz; Who Mourns for Morn?

The real Dukat finally stands up; Morn's been holding a secret deep inside.


 2018-02-09  28m

69. Statistical Probabilities; The Magnificent Ferengi

The gifted students take over, then the Ferengi try their hand at war.


 2018-02-02  32m

68. You Are Cordially Invited; Resurrection

Everybody loves a good wedding, and Kira's bad luck with men extends to the Mirror Universe. Bonus: we plead for happy times on Discovery.


 2018-01-26  38m

67. Favor the Bold; Sacrifice of Angels

Can Sisko reach DS9 in time? We love these episodes so much we're using the American spelling of favor, bravely risking banishment from Canada.


 2018-01-19  37m

66. Sons and Daughters; Behind the Lines

The return of Alexander; the Resistance Book Club loses a member.


 2018-01-12  31m

65. A Time to Stand; Rocks and Shoals

It's a new year and a new DS9 season. Things are looking bleak for the Federation, but at least Jake has a full-time job.


 2018-01-05  35m

64. In the Cards; Call to Arms

Jake and Nog learn the secret to immortality just before war finally breaks out with the Dominion.


 2017-12-29  27m

63. Blaze of Glory; Empok Nor

Dear listeners, after a few weeks locked inside a couple stasis chambers, we have returned to wreak havoc like drug-crazed Cardassian soldiers.


 2017-12-22  23m

62. Soldiers of the Empire; Children of Time

Worf and Martok join the Bad News Klingons; Odo gets more defined and it only costs 8,000 lives.


 2017-11-17  25m