Raktajino and Root Beer

Every episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reviewed, from the pilot to finale.


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11. Duet; In the Hands of the Prophets

Kira meets her match against a guilt-ridden Cardassian in one of the best episodes we’ve reviewed so far, and then we ruin everything by talking about religion. It’s the end of the first season!


 2016-11-18  41m

10. The Forsaken; Dramatis Personae

Lwaxana Troi and Odo get stuck in an elevator. That’s not the start of a joke, it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship. And then it’s all about the actors as mutiny infects the Deep Space Nine crew.


 2016-11-11  30m

9. Progress; If Wishes Were Horses

Season 1, episodes 15 and 16: We’re joined by podcaster and playwright Bil Antoniou to discuss “Progress” and “If Wishes Were Horses.”


 2016-11-04  46m

8. Battle Lines; The Storyteller

Sisko, Kira and Kai Opaka crash into a science-fiction hell of never-ending war, and then a Bajoran village prays that Miles O’Brien has the gift of gab.


 2016-10-28  35m

7. The Nagus; Vortex

It’s a Ferengi fest with the great Wallace Shawn, as everyone’s favourite business empire looks to expand into the Gamma Quadrant. Plus, what happens when you leave your daughter in a stasis chamber.


 2016-10-21  27m

6. The Passenger; Move Along Home

Science and fantasy get muddled and Odo has to sort out the mess, and then we meet the biggest board game nerds in the Gamma Quadrant.


 2016-10-14  26m

5. Q-Less; Dax

It’s a treat for ST:TNG fans as rogue archaeologist Vash is found in the Gamma Quadrant, and she’s up to her usual tricks. Then we have Dax on trial for murder -- it’s a worn-out conceit, but does DS9 pull it off?


 2016-10-07  32m

4. Babel; Captive Pursuit

It’s a Miles O’Brien double-bill. If he’s not accidentally unleashing a synthetic virus, he’s breaking Starfleet regulations by helping a mysterious fugitive from the Gamma Quadrant.


 2016-09-30  36m

3. A Man Alone; Past Prologue

A very gruff Odo is introduced. So how does he shape up? Plus, we meet a man from Kira's past who is still fighting back against the Cardassians -- by any means necessary.


 2016-09-23  28m

2. Pilot - Emissary

It's our first proper review episode, and we look at the two-part series pilot 'Emissary.'


 2016-09-15  30m