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I am Fredrik Liljegren, and this is my weblog / podcast.I don't really know what will come out of this, but it will most probably be quite a mix of self development, spirituality, relating, biohacking, gardening, brewing (mead & beer), parenting, learning and growing. And oh, barefooting of course.  Perhaps some spiritual science?Welcome. This podcast is the audio version of my blog.


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I've become so sensitive

Growing up in Sweden, I learned that emotions should be controlled. Other kids will try to startle and scare you, and if you can't keep your cool and shrug it off, you've failed, you'll get laughed at. The grown-ups showed their mastery in this; I can't remember ever seeing my parents crying, or any adult for that matter.  Even laughing was something to keep under control or to the right situations...



It's OK

I have many teachers, inner and outer.  Every morning, in my ceremony, I meet up with some of them.

This morning, when meeting the mistress of ovate, she was a young girl, sitting on the grass, playing with something on the ground.  Without looking at me, she tells me "It's OK to cry, you know."  I felt the tears flowing up, a tension I was barely aware of softening a bit...


 2022-01-11  n/a

Surrender as religion

My religion is surrender.  My spiritual path is relaxation.

Surrender to whatever there is, because it is the only thing that is. What comes to your attention, is the reality to attend.

The path of relaxation leads to the most beautiful of destinations: Here.

All that tension does, is fighting to get away from here.  Tensing up to keep away the discomfort, which in the end is just the discomfort of the tension that it tries to keep away.

So relax...


 2021-12-21  n/a

Yoni-massage — Worshiping the Source of Creation

I first came across "tantric massage" 20 years ago through a book by Kenneth Ray Stubbs.  But it wasn't until the fall of 2019 when I received a lingam massage and my own energy channels opened up widely that I really started to experience the depth and width of it and started giving yoni massages more often to a couple of women...


 2020-06-21  n/a

Awakening through semen retention

I'm quitting ejaculation, and it is changing my life!

This is my personal journey how I came to do "Semen Retention" and the experiences following that the last 3-4 months.  It's personal; for generic information, follow the links at the bottom.

Trigger Warning!  This post includes a lot of metaphysical woo-woo ????

My experiences include:

  • Great energy in all my endeavors...


 2020-01-22  n/a
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