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#33: Send Help, Abe is Dead!

This week we mourn Abes heroic death in Puerto RicoCosta Ricasome other Central American country Along with his heroism Nick and Danny discuss the current political sstorm that is the Trump presidency including the Womens March Planned Parenthood the National Parks Twitter fiasco among other things to make your blood boil The podcast is later invaded by foreign forces that go on to discuss the new Mass Effect trailer a godawful hero skin for the freetoplay MOBA game Smite and Nick quotes a dead...


 2017-01-28  1h16m

#32: Who's Blaming Us Now?

This week the guys get into the big topics of the past week all the news on the Nintendo Switch a heavy discussion on the illusion of choice in video games the attention spans of millennials for sporting events and how hot Emma Stones body really is We also talk Disneyland again and Nick wants to burn the whole park down


 2017-01-18  1h19m

#31: The CESscast

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE What a better way to ring it in then starting with 90s aesthetic tshirt talk But wait it gets better The guys then talk about Random Ramblings merch ideas the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer and talk about crazy gadgets from CES 2017 Also we talk about the hot new FPS game of 2016 Battlewatch Or Overborn Whatever Sorry Jerry


 2017-01-08  1h12m

#30: 2017 Has Too Many Syllables

Live from New Yorkits us Except were not live and not in New York We do have a sweet new setup though With it we take a look back at our year of the podcast as well as our top movies Along the way we also discuss our Christmases fascist dog names Day of the Doors Bob Seger Abes threat from a transient and we learn that steel is heavier than feathers


 2016-12-31  1h13m

#29: 6 Minutes to Saturday

WARNING SPOILERS FOR ROGUE ONEThis week we discuss Rogue One in all its spoilery glory along with Dannys pick for Terrible Christmas Song of the Week But to fill the runtime we also talk about Trumps Russia ordeal Star Wars Rebels WWII propaganda and Nick encounters a fatal error Theres also a fight


 2016-12-17  1h22m

#28:Last Christmas, I Gave You My Helicopter

This week we dive into Part 2 of our month long list of Terrible Christmas Song of the Week But first we talk the new SpiderMan trailer video games the issue of copyright on YouTube and Nick celebrates the holiday of Jim Morrisons birthday


 2016-12-10  1h1m

#27: Hey Google

This week we return to the regular set up and we bring a special guest on to celebrate Dannys Google Home speaker From there things get weird as Abe tries to corrupt it Nick talks about Woodrow Wilsons true ideals and the guys talk about some new game announcements from The Game Awards what weve been playing and terrible Christmas music


 2016-12-03  1h7m

#26: What Were We Talking About?

This week, we decide to play The Division to mix up the usual routine of things. Along the way, we discuss Doctor Strange, Titanfall 2, the new Weeknd/Daft Punk song "I Feel It Coming", shitty pizza joints, and Abe gets stuck in a fence. He didn't make it.


 2016-11-19  1h6m

#25: Enrichmond

Sowhat happened this week Something got elected We talk about that And Star Wars reenactments And jobs And life And a bunch of other stuff


 2016-11-11  1h12m

#24: A Slow Decline to Mediocrity

SPOILERS FOR BLACK MIRROR SEASON 3 EPISODES 14 IN THIS PODCAST Welcome to our live postgame coverage of Game 7 of the 2016 World Seriesthats gone up 2 days late We discuss the Cubs finally making Back to the Future 2 come true along with Nicks insane modding spree in Fallout 4 water parks and the first 4 episodes of Black Mirror Season 3 WITH FULL SPOILERS Along the way we dumb down to the level of high schoolers No wait weve always been like this


 2016-11-04  1h8m