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#23: ...is Kay

We got a lot of people to discuss a lot of stuff From the Nintendo Switch to Red Dead Redemption 2 to the trailers for Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and even Abe and Nicks convoluted John WickStar Wars fanfiction which we recommend you stop listening to immediately Seriouslyits bad So bad


 2016-10-21  1h12m

#22: The Workcast 2016

Do you have an immense hate for retailfood service Good so do we This week we take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to dish our stories from work past and present For added effect listen at work Make sure your boss joins you too


 2016-10-12  1h5m

#21: Kevin Bacon Bits

Were back This week starts off slow but between Nice Guy references South Park a sloppy rant about Walmart is had and the guys discuss the Kevin Bacon Score of various celebrities Also we prepare for Earthquack Watch 016 even though it never really happened to begin with


 2016-10-07  1h8m

#20: Jerry's Live Death Cam Cast

Wellthis happened We got a full crew tonight with Jerry and Lulu joining us once again Why does Jerry decide to drink bleach Is it because of The War of 1812 Jeff Foxworthy or Maple Syrup Well find out along with another round of Pointless Fluff The Game We also get into crazy women and the Federal need for Anime


 2016-09-21  1h11m

#19: This Episode is Being Recalled

TECHNOLOGY IS EXPLODING THIS WEEK LITERALLY We talk Samsungs recall the courage from Apples iPhone 7 announcements and have a serious talk about our First Amendment rights But then we practice them and a bunch of angry baby boomers get mad at us and post angry rants on Facebook


 2016-09-16  1h1m

#18: The Name of This Podcast Is On Point!

This week we put aside our petty differences and came together to deliver this crock of st to you Listen to our ranting about the iPhone 7 the PS4 Pro the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and pretty much a bunch of tech stuff this week Brought to you by Sully in theaters now Rated PG13


 2016-09-09  1h12m

#16: Don't Have You S*** To Do?

School is back in session and what better way to celebrate it than by going into the void of nothingness again This week we talk about the passing of Gene Wilder the hike in price of PlayStation Plus and WAIT WHY ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH DEER OH GOD


 2016-08-31  1h15m

#16: Knott's vs. Disneyland: The Revengeance

Nick returns after a long trip through the US and thank god he did because we dont know how long the show wouldve lasted after The guys then get into discussing the upcoming school year some games theyve played the new Green Day single cough Nick cough and which SoCal theme park is the best


 2016-08-24  1h21m

#15: Eric Andre, Please Love Us

This week Nick is missing and Jerry wasnt available so Abe and Danny have to run the show themselves and they do poorly While trying to keep the sinking ship afloat they talk about Disneyland Sausage Party more Rio Olympics hijinx PS4 games the Eric Andre Show and our lord and Savior Harambe


 2016-08-17  58m

#14: The Olympic S***cast 2016

This week we try to shit on the Olympics But like everything in Rio the whole thing breaks down and gets covered in shit Also talked about this week a controversial new food item our weekend plans and summer at large existentialism death FUN STUFF


 2016-08-10  1h3m