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#13: The Summer TV Bingecast 2016

WARNING: TV SHOW SPOILERS FOR MR. ROBOT, STRANGER THINGS, AND BOJACK HORSEMAN FOLLOW. Jerry has become restless in his cries for help. We summon the Dungeonmaster Lulu to whip him into obedience as we "start" the "show"... then, WE TALK ABOUT SUMMER TV!! We talk about some shows we've watched, as well as go into depth on 3 big ones for the summer: Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and Season 3 of BoJack Horseman...


 2016-08-03  1h7m

#12: The Owen Wilson Podcast Hour

In this episode Jerry returns While he shambles looking for a way out of the dungeon we discuss Olympic sex Pokemon Go again ComicCon related stuff and more Unfortunately we dont have any Owen Wilsonrelated footage


 2016-07-20  1h3m

#11: Pokémon GO...F*** Yourself

HEY WERE BACK In this weeks episode we tell you just what the hell happened to us over our random twoweek hiatus We also probe deeper into each others minds by asking each other the Desert Island Questionsand along the way a little indie darling known as Pokmon GO releasedbut who the hell cares about that right Its not like its been the most talked about thing for the past week or something


 2016-07-14  1h2m

#10: CrimeCast 2016

This weeks episode is hotter than hell and not just because it was hot as hell in California We talk about our HOT events coming up a HOT avocado theft spree a HOT Mafia arson spree andumwellyeah Its hot Thats the joke Its just hot


 2016-06-22  1h4m

#9: E3 HypeCast in VR: Electric Booglaoo

NOTE This weeks episode was intended to be viewed as a video For the full video version visit our YouTube channel httpbitlyRandomRYT for moreSince Abe and Danny are going to LA Live for their open to the public version the guys decided to bring aboard Jerry and dedicate an ENTIRE episode to video games announcedtalked about at E3 Oh you normal people with social lives and social skills will so enjoy this However theres also an halfassed Warcraft movie review and some other garbled nonsense in...


 2016-06-15  1h31m

#8: Drowssap

In this episodeuhwellI dont know We start talking about stuff like Apple deleting peoples music and Axl Rose trying to delete things off the Internetthen it just kinda fades out into the ether from there Something about E3 history majors North Korean Facebook and deli meat terrorists We were all over the place to be honest


 2016-06-08  1h19m

#7: It's Fair Use, It's A Cover

This week we start out with two BIG announcements for the show Then things go downhill from there We review the Ryan GoslingRussell Crowe buddycop film The Nice Guys talk about buying a city in West Virginia and the billionaire giving Hulk Hogan infinite money to take down Gawker Nick also tells a terrifying tale to introduce our new segment You Dont Want To Know Also we get flagged for copyright so many times that Hollywood makes us their b


 2016-06-01  1h13m

#6: ...An Arsonist?

We to try and make things happyby talking about a diner burning down child abuse in Hollywood and Wisconsin being a bunch of drunks Alsotheres a MYSTERY BIT this week What is it Listen to find out Or actually just listen in general Please


 2016-05-25  1h4m

#5: ...Speaking of Hell

This episode was DOOMed from the beginning Get it Huh No Ok whatever The guys come back from a donut place and try to record the podcast during a food coma and they cover everything from bison in Yellowstone to not noticing gun wounds until 3 days later A new segment called Jackass or Genius is also debuted which maymay not have valid arguments for people Oh yeah and theres a discussion on the reboot of DOOM Its close to finals week I dont caaaaare


 2016-05-18  1h8m

#4: He's Back and He's F****** Pissed

This week we decide to promote Abe to an official cohost So to fill the gap of crappy guest host we bring in Jerry who is totally willing to sit down and talk about Space Jam 2 golden toilets erotic bananaeating live cams in China and Keanu Reevess insane fans and Nick is TOTALLY not one of them not at all We also introduce our amazing new quiz game Pointless Fluff just so we can have enough time to kill before getting into a SPOILER HEAVY review of Captain America Civil War R Kelly would be...


 2016-05-11  1h18m