Random Thoughts

Robert Omoto documents his pursuit of stand-up comedy in Sacramento, California from performing in the middle of nowhere, to bombing on stage, plays clips from actual shows, and interviews other comedians. His constant over-analyzation and crazy life style, lead to ridiculous stories that could only happen to him.


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episode 180: Insane Wayne - Robbed at a Taco Truck

Robert Omoto sits with the hilarious stand-up comedian Insane Wayne (2X winner of Shaq's Comedy All-Stars, Winner of the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition 2011) to talk about starting comedy back in 1998, his first time on stage, the Bay...



episode 179: Josh Argyle - Bombing Repeatedly in Improv

Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian Josh Argyle (San Diego Comedy Festival, Ventura Harbor Comedy Festival, and writer for Savage Henry) to talk about starting in the Bay Area, growing up in the small town of Eureka, writing for the popular...



episode 178: Sammy Edan - There Has to be More

Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian Sammy Edan who has been blowing up on Tik Tok with over 73,000 followers and millions of views in just a few months to talk about why he started posting videos, his first video to go viral, growing up in the...



episode 177: Arturo Raygoza Jr. - Joe Montana Hates Me

Robert Omoto talks with stand-up comedian Arturo Raygoza Jr. about starting in improv, doing comedy without telling anyone for years, the stress of producing shows, working out new jokes, motivational speeches from coaches, and a hilarious story about...



episode 176: Daniel Humbarger - Airforce, Attorney, Comedian

Robert Omoto sits with Daniel Humbarger who is a California-based comedian who left behind the attorney life to pursue comedy. In Summer 2018, Daniel headed to Scotland to take part in the world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and in December...



episode 175: Rhoda Ramone - Awkwardly Social

Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian Rhoda Ramone (Sacramento Comedy Competition Finalist) to talk about relationships, working on yourself after break-ups, comedy with kids, awkward social interactions, forcing herself to be more outgoing, comedy...



episode 174: Josh Means - Up Here Naked

Robert Omoto talks with Josh Means (Roast Battle Comedy Store, Laughs Unlimited) to talk about fatherhood, his first time on stage, bombing after following someone who kills, his roast battle show "Verbal Insults", going to the Skankfest Comedy...



episode 173: Dustin Wood - That Went Horribly Wrong

Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian Dustin Wood to talk about things going terribly wrong when trying to put a cat out of its misery, why he wrote a death threat to Macaulay Culkin, sex with a couch, starting comedy in a small town, and a super...


 2020-09-15  1h37m

episode 172: Sydney Stigerts - Sex Toys in a Storm

Robert Omoto talks with stand-up comedian Sydney Stigerts (Big Pine Festival, Laughs Unlimited) about a drunken night that changed Robert's life, being kicked off the high school basketball team for coming out in a conservative town, ghosts, buying a...


 2020-09-08  1h12m

episode 171: Drew Absher - Always Trolling

Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian Drew Absher (Phil My Heart Podcast, 3rd place Sacramento Comedy Competition) to talk about coming up with the idea for his podcast where they comment on clips from Dr. Phil, outdoor open mics, trolling people,...


 2020-09-02  1h14m