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Rationally Speaking is the bi-weekly podcast of New York City Skeptics. Join host Julia Galef and guests as they explore the borderlands between reason and nonsense, likely from unlikely, and science from pseudoscience. Any topic is fair game as long as we can bring reason to bear upon it, with both a skeptical eye and a good dose of humor! We agree with the Marquis de Condorcet, who said that in an open society we ought to devote ourselves to "the tracking down of prejudices in the hiding places where priests, the schools, the government, and all long-established institutions had gathered and protected them."Rationally Speaking was co-created with Massimo Pigliucci, is produced by Benny Pollak, and is recorded in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village.


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Rationally Speaking #234 - Dylan Matthews on “Global poverty has fallen, but what should we conclude from that?”

The global poverty rate has fallen significantly over the last few decades, but there's a heated debate over how to view that fact. Vox journalist Dylan Matthews explains the disagreement.


 2019-05-28  1h17m

Rationally Speaking #233 - Clive Thompson on "The culture of coding, and how it’s changing the world"

Technology writer Clive Thompson discusses his latest book, "Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World."


 2019-05-14  57m

Rationally Speaking #232 - Tyler Cowen on “Defending big business against its critics”

Economist Tyler Cowen discusses his latest book, "Big Business: A love-letter to an American anti-hero.” Why has anti-capitalist sentiment increased recently, and to what extent is it justified?


 2019-04-30  1h4m

Rationally Speaking #231 - Helen Toner on "Misconceptions about China and artificial intelligence"

Helen Toner, the director of strategy at Georgetown's Center for Strategy and Emerging Technology (CSET), shares her observations from the last few years of talking with AI scientists and policymakers in the US and China.


 2019-04-16  58m

Rationally Speaking #230 - Kelsey Piper on “Big picture journalism: covering the topics that matter in the long run”

This episode features journalist Kelsey Piper, blogger and journalist for "Future Perfect," a new site focused on topics that impact the long-term future of the world.


 2019-04-02  53m

Rationally Speaking #229 - John Nerst on "Erisology, the study of disagreement"

This episode features John Nerst, data scientist and blogger at everythingstudies.com, discussing a potential new field called "erisology," the study of disagreement.


 2019-03-19  1h4m

Rationally Speaking #228 - William Gunn and Alex Holcombe on "Is Elsevier helping or hurting scientific progress?"

William Gunn, director of scholarly communications for Elsevier, and Alex Holcombe, cognitive scientist and open science advocate, discuss the U. of California's decision to end their contract with Elsevier, the world's largest scientific publisher.


 2019-03-05  58m

Rationally Speaking #227 - Sarah Haider on "Dissent and free speech"

This episode features Sarah Haider, the president of Ex-Muslims of North America. Julia and Sarah discuss why it's important to talk about the challenges of leaving Islam, and why that makes people uncomfortable or angry.


 2019-02-18  58m

Rationally Speaking #226 - Rob Wiblin on "An updated view of the best ways to help humanity"

If you want to do as much good as possible with your career, what problems should you work on, and what jobs should you consider? This episode features Rob Wiblin, director of research for effective altruist organization 80,000 Hours.


 2019-02-05  53m

Rationally Speaking #225 - Neerav Kingsland on "The case for charter schools"

This episode features Neerav Kingsland, who helped rebuild New Orleans' public school system after Hurricane Katrina, converting it into the country's first nearly-100% charter school system.


 2019-01-21  47m