Two friends map, filter and reduce streams of mostly development-related thoughts into audio form.

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episode 100: 100: "guts" Was A Little Gross

We are back! Henning talks about finally launching the first site with the "unified web platform". It's a Vue.js app talking to multiple APIs. Kahlil wrote about enums and made a small CLI tool for common Git tasks called "belly".


 2018-07-16  59m

episode 99: 99: ???????? @rockbot

This is Raquel's farewell episode. Sadly she is leaving the podcast as a co-host. But don't fret, she will join us every once-in-a-while to tell us about her adventures at Slack and quirky animals. Other than that your three fav co-hosts chop it up about


 2018-05-08  56m

episode 98: 98: It's Tiring Too, But It's Good

Henning and Kahlil chop it up about moving in and out of the bay area, mob programming, building a massive e-commerce system and RSS and Twitter.


 2018-04-09  57m

episode 97: 97: A Smoother-ish On-Boarding Process

Henning and Kahlil chop it up about learning the systems at a new company, AWS and Kahlil feels that the Angular platform is just now reaching some kind of maturity.


 2018-03-09  43m

episode 96: 96: Without Cheese You Are Nothing

Henning and Raquel talk about, the Poison Dart Frog, moving cheese, when to maintain and when to develop features, a laptop theft ring and the fact that Slack is mostly PHP 😱


 2018-02-06  45m

episode 95: 95: Career Pro Tip: Make Yourself Irrelevant

Henning and Raquel talk about The Swamp Hackathon, working at Slack and a book called Punished By Reward.


 2018-01-29  50m

episode 94: 94: There Are So Many Channels In The Slack Slack

We're back and talk about Raquel working at Slack, Henning and the hackathon, blockchain, Kahlil's new Electron app and Bootstrap 4.


 2018-01-23  49m

episode 93: 93: Why Not Put Everything In The JavaScript?

Raquel is off because she just started her new job. Kahlil and Henning discuss overfeatured apps, "portals", Kahlil's job changing news and Web Components for building apps.


 2017-12-20  49m

episode 92: 92: I Want Your Ideas, Give Me Your Ideas!

Raquel signed up for Amazon Prime. A Japanese man makes paintings with Excel. Henning is wrestling with code reviews. Somebody tweeted you need a CS degree to program. The flying squirrel is the animal of the day!


 2017-12-07  56m

episode 91: 91: Alright Kid, I'm Going To Teach You Basic!

Kahlil is out but Henning and Raquel chop it up and talk about Raquel's staycation, about Henning dealing with Black Friday traffic and how kids can learn how to code.


 2017-12-01  46m