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Real Atheology is a conversational podcast focusing on contemporary philosophy of religion from an atheist perspective which features discussions, interviews, and debates for philosophy of religion nerds of all metaphysical stripes.

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RA021: Interview with Graham Oppy

In this episode the Real Atheologians interview philosopher Dr. Graham Oppy.  We discuss the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism, defining naturalism, the Modal Ontological Argument, and a number of issues in contemporary philosophy of religion.


 2018-07-01  1h8m

RA019: The Kalam Cosmological Argument

This is a new beginning for Real Atheology as Ben Watkins welcomes Ben Bavar and John Lopilato as new co-hosts to the cast. Justin Schieber has taken a break from philosophy of religion in general to focus on college.

We’ve decided to start things off with a Big Bang by tackling the Kalam Cosmological argument!


 2018-06-04  1h3m

RA018: Scott Davison on Petitionary Prayer

Today I interview Dr. Scott Davison. Dr. Davison is professor of philosophy at Morehead State University where he specializes in Metaphysics, Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion. Dr. Davison and I connected back in May of last year at a conference here in Grand rapids - a science and religion dialogue for which he was the keynote speaker. The presentation was on his recently released a book titled Petitionary Prayer; a Philosophical Investigation...


 2018-03-18  35m

RA017: Erik Wielenberg on Debating Morality

In this episode, Ben Watkins sits down with philosopher Dr. Erik Wielenberg in Raleigh, NC immediately after his debate with philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig at NC state University. The debate, held on February 23rd, 2018, was on the question of what better explains objective moral values and duties. Wielenberg defended a form of godless normative realism while Craig defended a modified divine command theory...


 2018-03-05  46m

RA016: What is Skeptical Theism?

Skeptical Theism is a philosophical position about our ability to make meaningful inferences about what God, if such a being exists, is likely to create or allow. In this episode, Ben and Justin discuss one particular version of Skeptical Theism and the implications it has on arguments from evil and a few other issues as well.


 2017-10-10  29m

RA015: Debating the Problem of Evil With Justin Schieber and Cameron Bertuzzi

Rather than a live debate, what you are about to hear is an audio performance of an already written debate that’s been going on behind the scenes for the last month or so in the form of a series of essays written in reply to each other. The debate was on the problem of evil and it was between Justin Schieber and Cameron Bertuzzi. The debate clocks in at about an hour.


 2017-08-28  1h8m

RA014: Paul Moser on Religious Epistemology and God's Elusiveness

In this episode Ben Watkins interviews philosopher Dr. Paul Moser. Dr. Moser is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. Professor Moser has published over 80 articles and authored many books including The Elusive God and The Evidence for God; Religious Knowledge Reexamined. Professor Moser’s research interests include epistemology, metaphilosophy, and the philosophy of religion...


 2017-08-03  56m

RA013: Quentin Smith on Natural Evils and Immaterial Minds

A few weeks back I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Quentin Smith. We sat down not far from the Western Michigan University Campus where he was professor of philosophy from 1993 until he retired in 2015. Dr. Smith received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from Antioch College and his PhD in philosophy from Boston College...


 2017-07-19  25m

RA012: Felipe Leon on Ex Nihilo Creation

For this episode, we interview Dr. Felipe Leon on the metaphysical possibility of creation ex nihilo - or creation ‘out of nothing’. This is anindispensablemetaphysical doctrine to classical theists. Dr. Felipe Leon is professor of philosophy at El Camino College in Torrance, CA. He received his M.A and Ph.D at University of California Riverside, and his current research interests are in philosophy of religion and modal epistemology. Recently, Dr...


 2017-07-02  54m

RA011: Counter Apologist on God and Ethics

For this episode, Ben Watkins and Justin Schieber interview Counter Apologist on the moral argument. The moral argument is an argument about moral ontology and includes a premise which states, if God exists, objective moral values and duties do not exist. We discuss various strategies for interacting with this argument.


 2017-06-22  51m