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Real Dictators is the new podcast series hosted by Paul McGann that explores the hidden lives of history’s tyrants. New episodes every Wednesday. Follow Noiser Podcasts on Twitter for updates on our shows.

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episode 43: Idi Amin Part 3: ‘Big Daddy’ Seizes Power

Amin wages war on Buganda’s king, as the Obote administration firms up its grip on power. But all is not well. After Obote survives an assassination attempt by mere inches, rumours swirl as to the identity of the perpetrator. Brigadier Amin goes on an army recruitment drive, enlisting fellow men of the north. Sooner or later, Obote must leave Uganda to do business abroad. And when he does, who knows what might happen in his absence. A Noiser production, written & produced by Jeff Dawson...



episode 42: Idi Amin Part 2: End of Empire, Rise of Amin

In 1960, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan announces that independence is to be awarded to all of Britain's African colonies. Uganda and its 7 million people are now free. Idi Amin zooms up the military hierarchy, becoming the right-hand man of the nation's new leader, Milton Obote. Implicated in unspeakable atrocities against civilians, Amin dodges a court martial and sets himself up as a rogue arms dealer. He is indispensable as an enforcer. But Obote had better watch his back...



episode 42: Introducing: Real Pirates

New Noiser release. Unpack the epic dramas of history’s most infamous buccaneers. Real Pirates takes you right into the heart of the action with immersive storytelling and pulse-racing tales, charting the lives of the legendary men and women who roamed the oceans. Who were they? What was life really like? Listen to the first episode right here, then search and follow Real Pirates for new episodes every Monday! Real Pirates is co-produced with Spotify and is exclusive - but free - on Spotify...



episode 41: Idi Amin Part 1: The Butcher of Uganda

From 1971 to 1979, President Idi Amin Dada devastated Uganda as the nation's military dictator. He sank the economy and deported an entire ethnic class. He slaughtered, by some estimates, up to half a million of his fellow citizens. All this while cultivating a persona of 'Big Daddy', the playful joker. He was depicted in the West as a buffoon. But this characterisation underestimated his mastery of communication and his extraordinary charisma...



episode 40: Introducing: History Daily

On History Daily, we do history, daily. Every weekday beginning November 1st, Host Lindsay Graham (American Scandal, American History Tellers) takes you back in time to explore a momentous moment that happened ‘on this day’ in history. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2021-11-01  18m

episode 39: Introducing: Short History Of...

From the creators of Real Dictators comes a brand-new weekly show. Short History Of... gives you a front-row seat as history's most incredible moments play out right before you. In this taster episode, we're in Cuba. It's October 1962. Three men – Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro – hold the fate of the planet in their hands. A dispute over missiles spirals out of control. All sides brace for war...


 2021-08-11  56m

episode 38: Colonel Gaddafi Part 8: Arab Spring, Gaddafi’s End

By early 2011, Libya is changing. The Arab Spring has started and leaders across North Africa and the Middle East are already succumbing to people power. The Gaddafi regime suddenly needs to tread very carefully indeed. A young lawyer from Benghazi organises a protest that will soon spread like wildfire. Before long, it will become something else entirely: a full-blown rebellion against Colonel Gaddafi’s rule...


 2021-08-04  49m

episode 37: Colonel Gaddafi Part 7: 9/11 and the West’s New Friend

On September 11th, 2001, life in the West is transformed in an instant. Amidst the fall-out, Gaddafi spots an opportunity. To the surprise of many, he makes it his mission to rejoin the international fold. A new phase of surreal diplomacy begins as the Libyan dictator pitches his Bedouin tent on the front lawns of palaces and parliaments across the world. Muammar Gaddafi - the man of many masks - is transforming once again, this time into the West’s most eccentric ally...


 2021-07-28  47m

episode 36: Colonel Gaddafi Part 6: The Lockerbie Bombing

In 1988, Gaddafi takes his terror to the skies, bringing down a passenger flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. The Boeing 747 - en route from Frankfurt to New York, via London - is destroyed with 270 fatalities. Gaddafi has reached a new level of villainy. Staffers at the Pentagon team up with Hollywood executives to shore up public opinion against the tyrant. Meanwhile, the Colonel himself begins an extensive re-brand. Shunned by the Arab world, his gaze shifts south - across the Sahara...


 2021-07-21  45m

episode 35: Colonel Gaddafi Part 5: President Reagan Launches Airstrikes

Gaddafi takes his terror onto the streets of London and Berlin. It seems nowhere is beyond his reach as Libyan agents hunt down his opponents across the globe. The Reagan administration launches retaliatory airstrikes, targeting the dictator and his inner circle. With the stakes higher than ever, the Libyan security network continues to stamp out dissent. Some 6,000 children are bussed to a sports arena where they bear witness to a gruesome lesson in tyranny. Learn more about your ad choices...


 2021-07-14  50m